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An Employee How-to Guide for Using the HFC Virtual App

Posted on Tuesday October 6 2020

Accessing the Virtual Event

Click the link emailed to you from your HR / benefits rep to access the virtual app. Once inside, take 5 seconds to enter your name and email address. You’ll then be able to view the exhibitors in your virtual event.

See below a screenshot of the profile form:

Employee-Exhibitor Interaction During The Virtual Event

Inside V1 of the HFC’s Virtual App, the sole feature is connecting you face-to-face via a video-conferencing system by allowing you and fellow employees to join an exhibitor waiting list.

The waiting list ensures your conversations are not interrupted by other employees wanting to interact with the same exhibitor. More features (raffle prizes, live demos, perks, to name a few) will be added in the coming months when new updates are completed.

See below a screenshot of how you can join an exhibitor’s waiting list:

Once you add an exhibitor to your waiting list, you’ll see the following sections: Exhibitor Status, My Status, and Action. Under My Status is where you’ll have 3 options to select from in order to manage your conversations:

  1. Busy

  2. Joining

  3. Completed

When you select “Joining” to connect with an exhibitor, your status for all other exhibitors will change to “Busy.” Meaning, they can’t join a conversation with you until your current conversation is over. Once your conversation is over, close your chat window and switch your status to “Completed.” This will open up your status and allow you to join other chats with exhibitors on your waiting list.

See below a screenshot of an employee waiting list:

You can see above that both the exhibitor and the employee are ready to join the call. The exhibitor and the employee must select “Joining” in order for the “Join Meeting” button to become available.

In the image above, you can see the employee has finished the call with “test exhibitor” and is ready to join the call with “test exhibitor #2.” The exhibitor is notified the employee is waiting to connect. Once the exhibitor changes their status to “Joining” as well, the row will turn green and the “Join Meeting” will become available.

Clicking the “Join Meeting” button will connect you and start your chat with the exhibitor.

Enjoy your virtual event!

Kyle pick mugshot

Kyle Pickett


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