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What's the difference between the different types of exhibitor ads inside my list of interested vendors?

Posted on Thursday December 1 2016

As vendors join the interested list for your health fair, you'll be able to view them under the "interested" tab of your "vendors" section.

As you might have noticed, certain vendors have better, more lavish listings. These exhibitors have chosen to go with a risk-free, only-pay-if-selected paid ad listings.
These exhibitors/vendors want to stand out, provide you extra information, and typically have excellent health fair booths. They pay a small fee to make this happen and are only charged if you select them (making it risk-free). For the basic ads, they're free all the way around until 14 ad submissions have occurred.*

See below the difference between the two types of ad listings:

Paid Ad Listing

Free Ad Listing

*As of May 22nd, 2017 - HFC is capping free ads submissions. Each new exhibitor will start off with and be able to submit 14 free ads (that’s a ton, right? :-)) before they cross over into solely being able to select the risk-free, only-pay-if-selected ad options. This applies to all HFC exhibitors, site wide. HFC will not charge your personal contacts and relationships as long as you invite or manually registered them via your HFC dashboard. For more details, visit this post:

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