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Why Should My Health Fair Exhibitors Register via HFC?

Posted on Tuesday November 8 2016

Believe it or not, there are numerous groups (out of the 693, last year alone) that used HFC's platform to manage their own vendors - not to find new ones. Reason being: the platform makes it easier for you to manage all vendors and it does the work for you. Below are the event-dashboard features that are going to make planning your health fair a breeze:

Mass Communication with the click of a button...

Stop trying to search your email or adding more folders you can hardly keep up with when trying to talk and manage all your vendors. With HFC, you can keep all your health fair messages and communication in one spot on your dashboard. Not only can you individually message vendors (almost like Google Chat), you can also message them all at once with the click of a button in your Announcements tab. This is where you can send out parking & building entry info or any other details you need the vendors to know prior to arriving. You can even upload an attachment if needed (ie. parking passes, or campus map). See how simple it is....

Individual messaging....

Mass messaging....

As you can see, HFC makes it so much easier to communicate with all your vendors.

And not only communicate, but keep track and record of all that communication so you can check in at any time and know what's going on with your health fair

All your vendor details and table tags at your fingertips....

You no longer have to waste time entering into some excel sheet all the vendor information you have collected over phone and email. Trying to keep up with who needs what and where so and so needs to go and...i'll stop there cause it already sounds terrible haha 

Let HFC's platform collect all that info for you. Send out a mass invite to all your vendors (I'll show you how to do that at the end of this post) that provides them all the details of your health fair with a link to register for your event. Let them enter the information for you while you sit back and are notified via email every time one of your vendors registers for your health fair.

Once all your vendors are registered, you can go in at any time and download your vendor details sheet and your vendor table tags. That sheet will have all the info you need prior to setting up the venue (rep attending, special requests, if electricity is needed, screenings provided, raffle prize, etc.) and the table tags are there to lay out so vendors can go right to their table when they arrive. It's going to make setup very easy on you! 

Let HFC do all the reminding for you...

If you have ever planned health fairs in your life, then you know that getting vendors & exhibitors to re-confirm for your health fair a week before the event is more worrisome and a pain in the neck then getting them to initially confirm 45-60 days before the health fair.

Now, I have shown you how easy it is to mass message your vendors & exhibitors for your parking and entry info but don't get that confused with your reminder emails. HFC's platform will handle that for you. Once your health fair is seven days out from the date of the event, our system will send reminder emails with the date, location and raffle prize. Until they respond to this email, they'll get another one 5 days, then 3 days, and then 1 day out of your health fair date. And what I mean by respond is they have to click a button so that you know they received the reminder email. Now, where can you see they clicked this button? From your vendor detail sheet of course....

And if you see a "NO" (like in the picture above), you can message them and see what's going on and if they're attending. HFC's reminder system pretty much eliminates no-shows. 

How to Invite your vendors....

Now that you see why you want to get all your vendors registered through the platform, I'll show you how it easy it is to send out those invites OR just manually add them if you already know they're attending. All you need to know is their company name and email address. Check it out...

If sending out the original invite, use the invites section as it will automate all the info about your health fair and give your vendors a special link to register (they skip the interested list) and you're notified via email once they officially register. If you already know a vendor is attending, you can use the Manually Register Vendor button to add them to your list.

So as you can see, it's a no-brainer to use HFC's platform to plan your health fair, even if you're not looking for new vendors.

Hope this post helps!!

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