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How Do I Select Vendors / Exhibitors For My Health Fair??

Posted on Friday November 11 2016

Once you list your health fair on HFC's platform, vendors & exhibitors are notified within a 25-mile radius of your health fair and are informed of the opportunity to join your interested vendor list, hoping you'll select them to attend your health fair.

Vendors will then go through the vetting process (check out this post: How Does HFC Vet Vendors & Exhibitors?) to join your interested list. The only thing left is for you to review them and "online shop" for your health fair vendors! See where you can do this from your dashboard below:


So, here are the three actions you can take for each vendor:

  1. APPROVE: clicking this button means you approve the vendor to attend your health fair.
  2. NOT THIS TIME: This is essentially the "deny" button. When you click this button, vendors get a nice message from the system that lets them know they weren't selected to try again next year.
  3. MESSAGE: This is your open line of communication to the vendors! If you need any extra details from them or are unsure about a vendor, you can message them here and manage the conversation from your Messages section.

Remember, you have full control and final say to the vendors you allow in your health fair. HFC will NEVER select or put vendors in your event.

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