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What does HFC not provide (like, do you staff my event)?

Posted on Friday November 11 2016

Health Fair Connections (HFC) is a tech platform and is no longer and event planning company as of December 31st of 2015. 

No need to fret. 

We have made health fair planning, vendor securement, health fair promotions, and so many things better and more transparent for you.

So trust us, it's for the best!

You still get all the benefits and pay nothing. 

And this time, over 80% of the vendors in your health fair also don't pay a dime :) 

Cool, huh?

However, we want to be transparent, so see below what HFC does not offer: 

Health Fair Venue

HR managers and benefits professionals who are hosting a health fair, this is on you.

From our experience, most employer groups (corporations) have ample space for their health/wellness fair.

Health fair venues can include large lunch rooms, large conference rooms, gymnasiums, theaters, large hallways, and etc.

If space is tight, be creative and spread vendors throughout your facility (if allowed).

And if this is the case, we’ve seen host have scavenger hunts for their employees to find all the vendors throughout the facility.

After creating your health fair on HFC, one of the first things you need to do is reserve the health fair venue.

Table and chairs

Most corporations have the appropriate amount of table and chairs. 

The averaged size health fair consist around 12 vendors, so 14 tables (one being the head table and one being extra). 

In regards to the chairs, it's a safe bet to multiply the table count by 2. In the case of 14 tables, you would need 28 chairs. 

Keep in mind that a few vendors might need extra chairs - say if a vendor brings 3 people.

If you have to rent table and chairs, take the necessary steps to do so as vendors will be counting on you to provide tables and chairs.

And keep in mind, an average table for a health/wellness fair is 6ft x 3ft.

Onsite logistics (Staffing the event)

HFC no longer sends staff out to your health fair.

But no worries, you don't need us :-) 

We give you a logistics package which consists of table tags, vendor details, and employee attendance ticket +  information to give to facilities and the front desk.

And our system enables you to mass message the vendors as to what’s expected of them - so, there’s no need for someone from HFC to come out to your health fair. 

Thanks for reading! 

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