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Posted on Friday November 11 2016

Health Fair Connections' (HFC's) platform does a lot behind the scenes that you don't see :-) If you want to read more, click here:

HFC will email all registered vendors at least 3 times asking them to click a button to confirm their attendance in the health fair. If a vendor has yet to confirm their attendance, vendors will then be sent a text message asking them to confirm their attendance.

HFC also warns vendors they’ll receive a $50 no show fee if they don’t cancel within 15 days (we've added 5 days from what you see above and we no longer charge for booth fees). HFC has a credit system for vendors that allows them to accrue monetary credits if they did do a premium ad (much different than a booth fee). If the vendor has any credits, our system will deduct $50 worth and if the vendor doesn’t, it will put them in a negative credit balance.

Curious how HFC makes money? Check out this link:

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