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How do I make my vendor profile stand out?

Posted on Monday November 7 2016

I'd like my profile to stand out... What can I do to make this happen so that I increase my chances of getting selected for health fairs?

Below are a few tips to help you make your HFC profile more appealing to hosting companies.

Your profile and listing are what help you stand out and get selected to attend employee health fairs.

And if you do the following, you'll be on the right track:

1. Have a good booth photo

Having booth photos on your HFC profile is critical in getting selected to attend health fairs.  

Hosts (HR teams and benefits professionals) rank this as the number one thing they consider when choosing vendors.

Here's a good example:

Make sure the photo is of you, your team (if applicable) and your booth.

Ideally, you would have multiple photos of your booth.

So keep this in mind when you're at health fairs (try and get different variations of booth pics as well) 

The better the photos, the more likely you're selected for health fairs.

2. Have a complete profile.

You'll know when your profile is complete when your profile shows "100%" in the edit view. 

Notice the profile below is only at 90%:

HFC gives all vendors a percentage completion tool on their edit profile view to help vendors understand how complete their profile is and what's missing.

3. Receive excellent, 5-star ratings and reviews

It's important you receive excellent reviews from hosting companies.

So as a vendor, you'll want to over-deliver at these health fairs and keep the following in mind:
  • Be on time (in fact, 30-45 mins before start time), 
  • Have giveaways and a great raffle prize, 
  • Be friendly and engaging to employees, 
  • Don't leave early 

After every health fair, the hosts (aka HR teams) are asked to rate and review the vendors.

If you're not getting the number of ratings and reviews you'd like, feel free to use the follow-up or request a review email to ping the host and ask them to give you a rating and review. 

4. List your workshops (lunch'n'learns, presentations, etc.) and screenings. 

If you have corporate wellness offerings for outside of the health fair, list them on your HFC profile. 

You can list them by creating them inside your health fair management dashboard. 

Hosts are looking for additional offerings you can provide their employees, as they like to have vendors come on-site outside of the health fair to interact with their employees and focus on a specific topic.

Here's an example of where you can list them in your dashboard and how they will display:

So there you have it! 

If you do all these recommendations, we have no doubt you'll see an increase in the number of health fairs you are selected to attend.

Thanks for reading! 

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