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Posted on Saturday February 16 2019

Unlimited Health Fairs, Premium Features, and more...

Versus paying $99-298 a la carte per event, HFC has an unlimited annual health fair and premium membership package for only $699. 

There are no fees or charges outside the one-time price and it will cover you fully for 12 months (no charges for registrations or premium features). It will help you save a substantial amount of money over the course of the year, in addition to giving you the exposure you deserve (invite button in the exhibitor directory, top of the list for every event, ability to communicate with organizers before acceptance, and the list goes on). Your HFC experience will also be streamlined, as you'll be able to apply to events with one click of the mouse (as opposed to going through 3 steps per event) and be able to get on the interested list for every health fair quickly!

The reason HFC pushes the annual membership is so HFC can populate its exhibitor directory with exhibitors that have invite buttons to attract more corporations to list their health fairs on HFC. For example, HFC attracts corporations in Atlanta, GA with it's Atlanta Exhibitor Directory (link). This is why HFC offers the annual membership at such a discount. Many exhibitors have indicated that the membership could be priced in the thousands, as that would reflect the true value its delivering.


Here are the top 5 benefits of the annual membership:

  1. Helps you find more health fairs
  2. Helps you get accepted into more health fairs on and off HFC's platform at a quicker rate
  3. Helps you communicate with health fair organizers and HR managers
  4. Helps you convert more employees per health fair engagement
  5. Helps you establish relationships with corporations (Health Fair Connections)


  • Advanced directory filters (location, date, employee #, hours, & more)
  • Survey results on past health fairs
  • Unlimited premium health fair applications (ads)
  • Invite button on your directory listing & profile
  • Directory listing enhancement (includes ranking boost)
  • One-click health fair applications (apply to events with one click)
  • Text-message event applications (apply by texting event id)
  • One-page corporate wellness website (an upgrade from the standard profile)  
  • Ratings and reviews management (publically respond to ratings and reviews)
  • Direct messaging (open channel of communication before events)
  • Follow-up messages & emails (open communication channel after health fairs)
  • Ratings-and-reviews-request message & emails
  • Reconsider-me emails (aka second-chance message)
  • Workshop & screening communication enhancements
  • Featured downloadable deals [new]

Feature and Benefit Statements

Another way for you to understand what you're getting:

+ Direction Channel of Communication

Communicate with organizations the right away, even before you're accepted. Communicate to increase your chances of being accepted and more.

+ Invitations

Be invited directly to health fairs by organizers, skipping the application process. Only members have access to this!

+ Corporate Relationships

Message organizations anytime and share with them your offerings, set up onsite meetings and so much more. Dialogue can now be started through your offerings that are listed on HFC (workshops, lunch 'n' learns, etc.)

+ Streamlined Experience

Eliminate 3 steps per health fair and apply with one click of the mouse or via text message.

+ Online Exposure

The membership comes with a one-page, corporate wellness website that is search engine optimized (SEO) and has an invite button. HR managers can find you outside of HFC's platform and contact you directly.

+ Reputation Management

Request or respond to ratings and reviews left by health fair organizers. Boost your average and provide your side of the story.

+ Second Chance Abilities

If you're ever denied by an organizer for a health fair, no worries! You get a second chance. HFC provides its members with an attractive "reconsider-me message" that helps you get accepted into health fairs.

+ Exclusivity

This year, HFC is offering exclusivity per service category per metro area (only select categories apply). Once you lock in, your local competitors won't be able to obtain a membership and the advantages that come with it.

+ Promotion

HFC will promote you increasingly more and more throughout the year to corporations and organizations near you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I still have to pay per health fair?


The one-time, annual membership rate covers everything - including registrations and premium features. There are no fees or charges outside the one-time annual payment.

Does it guarantee me health fairs?

Yes, it guarantees you three events and you'll most likely get into many more!

The premium membership significantly increases your chances of selection for those health fairs. The average acceptance rate with the package is 86%. With the package, if you do things correctly (apply to events in a timely fashion, have a booth photo, etc.), you'll get into events.

I've personally advised non-trendy benefits exhibitors to be successful at getting into corporations. Liberty Mutuals we're getting into ZERO health fairs before I taught them how to use the unlimited package and premium membership. Now, agents with HFC's new system are racking up the events:

Stuart Purring from Liberty Mutual | 25+ events

Laura Mansour from Liberty Mutual | 11+ events in short amount of time

It's not just working for Liberty Mutual agents. I sold a AAA agent down in ATL and an Edward Jones agent who were both skeptical the membership package worked and now they've both been in 10 solid corporate health fairs for their areas.

POINT: If they can do it, you can too!

I don't see any events in my area. Is the membership still worth it?

Yes. There's a spring and fall health fair season, essentially. 25% of events occur during the spring and 50% during the fall, and the other 25% during the summer and winter - again, this is an estimate. So, expect events to be released 30 days out from when they occur. Get the membership at a discount in the offseason. Pay more during peak season - that's the logic.

How much is it?

It's $699 and the price could increase closer to summer, as more health fairs will be listed on the platform.

How Long is The Membership Good For?

12 Months.

Everything is covered for 12 months :)

Is there stand-alone value worth the price even if I don't get accepted to health fairs?

Yes, that's HFC's One-Page Corporate Wellness Website. Display your corporate offerings to the Fortune 5000. Highlight your health fair presence, services and specialties, wellness workshops, screening, deals, and more on HFC’s Search Engine Optimized (SEO’d), One-Page Corporate Wellness Website! Have your corporate presence found on the search engines and share your website to HR managers on LinkedIn to showcase your offerings. Unlock new opportunities with the corporate wellness website.

Read more here:

What are the refund terms?

There are no refunds, but HFC does guarantee you five events by the time if your annual premium membership renewal. IF you haven't attended five events by the time of your annual renewal, HFC will extend the membership until you do for up to an additional year if need be.

Are there or will there be health fairs in my area?

(or, are there health fairs in my colleagues or associates areas?)

Check out the corporate events. Find your city and click on the link to display the health fairs in your area.





Washington DC:


Los Angeles: 

Dallas-Fort Worth:

The Bay Area: 

New York: 


Winston Salem: 


Boca Raton: 



Jacksonville FL:

St Louis: 
Kansas City: 


Fort Myers: 

Grand Rapids: 

Las Vegas:  
Columbia SC: 
Virginia Beach:  
San Diego:  


How many areas can one membership cover?

One metro area. For example, if you're in Atlanta and you buy a membership, that will cover you and 2 additional team members for Atlanta. HFC may decide to expand the coverage of your membership on a case by case basis, but HFC reserves the right to do this. For discount package deals, say if you'd like several metro areas to be covered, please contact Kyle at HFC.

Can I speak with someone?

It's really not necessary, as everything's here, but yes :) Email kyle [at] health fair connections [dot] com (piece together, as I don't want to get spammed haha). Email me to schedule a time to speak.

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Kyle Pickett


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