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How many employees will I see?

Posted on Saturday November 12 2016

Health Fair Employee Turnout

It’s very rare you will see the total amount of employees onsite for a corporation or organization for their employee health fair. 

Here's two rules of thumb that will help you, as a vendor, know what to expect:

  • Expect at least 35-40% percent turnout of employees at companies with over 100 total employees (100 + employees) 
  • Expect at least 50% - 75% turnout for companies with less than 100 employees (less than 100 employees)

For the super large companies, say with 2000 employees onsite at their campus, expect a turnout of 20-30% (200-300) of employees to come through the health fair.

All organizations and corporations are different (culture, moral, business type, and etc.). Not only that, each health fair host is different. A lot of this depends on the host for the health fair and what they’re doing to get the turnout. Health Fair Connections (HFC) provides all host with adequate instructions and promotional materials to get the turnout the need.

Here are three ways employees can visit the health fair:

  1. Pop - a rush of employees, say at lunch time, then hardly no employees or a slow flow of employees
  2. Trickle - employees trickle through the health fair at a slow rate
  3. Steady flow - a steady flow of employees come through the duration at a good rate

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