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HFC behind the scenes

Posted on Tuesday November 8 2016

HFC's platform and team are working hard in the background to make sure your health fairs are successful, while at the same time, giving you piece of mind. As you know, HFC is a free platform for HR managers and benefit pros - all we ask is that you all respect our resources and commitment to your health fair and don't cancel without warning, as we've devoted many resources and hours to making sure your happy; this is despite HFC not being a 3rd party event planning company, but rather a tech platform. 

HFC's platform does the following in the background once your health fair is approved:

  • Notifies all HFC vendors within a 30 mile radius of your health fair as soon as your health fair is approved and then 48 hrs later (this is the 2nd mass notification message to HFC's vendor base)
  • Once you approve vendors off the interested vendors list, HFC's system will follow up countless times until a vendor completes their booth registration
  • Once a vendor registers, HFC's system will ask all registered vendors to confirm their attendance in the health fair. HFC will send vendors emails 7, 5, and 3 days out from the health fair asking vendors to confirm their attendance. If a vendor still doesn't confirm, HFC will send a text message to vendors asking them to confirm their attendance.

And there's much more, these are just the main things HFC's platform is doing in the background that you're not seeing in the product you're experiencing. 

HFC's team members perform the following task per health fair:

  • Develops and sends out a mass email to prospective vendors in your area to increase the amount of vendors that express interest in your health fair - which means, you'll have more vendors to chose or select from for your health fair. Note - these vendors don't just get in your health fair, you have to approve them and this is the safe system we constructed. 
  • Develops and sends out personal emails to prospective vendors (mainly big names or highly sought after vendors) in your area to increase the amount of vendors that express interest in your health fair - which means, you'll have more vendors to chose or select from (ditto above).
  • Answers customer service questions on behalf of your health fair

For each HFC health fair, especially in areas outside of areas where HFC is saturated in (meaning areas where HFC doesn't have a vendor base in) - HFC could spend over 10 hrs on your health fair. All we ask is that HR managers and benefit professionals be mindful of this and to contact an HFC team member if you need to cancel your health fair.

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