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How does HFC make money?

Posted on Friday November 11 2016

Health Fair Connections (HFC) offers two options for vendors to advertise their services when joining a list of interested vendors a health fair:

  • Basic Ad (Free)*
  • Premium Ad (Paid)

We want to make sure we have a free option for vendors that do not have the marketing budget, yet can still provide a great booth at your health fair.

Not to mention, we would never charge the vendors you already have a relationship, but want to invite/add to your online vendor registration list.

You can see below the two options (and the benefits of both) presented to the vendors when joining the list of interested vendors for a particular health fair.

Check it out:

So, now you know how HFC keeps the lights on :)

Honestly, Health Fair Connections (HFC) doesn’t make much money per health fair (on average, $12.55 per vendor). 

Not to mention, if you never select the vendor(s) who selected a premium ad, they are never charged - it's risk-free for all parties.

We sacrifice charging HR managers and benefits professionals to use HFC as well as nearly 80% of our vendor community pays nothing.

This allows all folks interacting on the platform to have an enjoyable experience, as cost doesn't get in the way!

I hope this provided some clarification.

Thanks for reading!


*As of May 22nd, 2017 - HFC is capping free ads submissions. Each new exhibitor will start off with and be able to submit 14 free ads (that’s a ton, right? :-)) before they cross over into solely being able to select the risk-free, only-pay-if-selected ad options. This applies to all HFC exhibitors, site wide. HFC will not charge your personal contacts and relationships as long as you invite or manually registered them via your HFC dashboard. For more details, visit this post:

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