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Posted on Sunday October 20 2019

#1. What does business or life look like with HFC?

In less than two years, Proscan Imaging has attended 28 corporate health fairs at neighboring employer groups. Proscan’s brand has been in front of over 10,000 employees and has gained many new patients due to the opportunity HFC has opened up for them. Proscan has spent less than $600 in total for these results. You can have just as good of results by purchasing an HFC Premium Membership, which is risk-free.

#2. What is the value of doing business with HFC?

Gaining new patients and new corporate relationships (or, relationships with local employers).

HFC will get you in front of thousands of employees and insured adults for next to nothing - which is much better than the internet or traditional forms of marketing. HFC will put you in the middle of the funnel to where you’re shaking hands with potential new patients.

HFC has also removed the middle man between you and local employers, allowing you to directly communicate with them before and after events.

#3. What exactly is HFC offering?

Two annual premium memberships, a premium and a premium+.

Both include all premium features and unlimited corporate events for a 12-month period of time. The difference is the premium guarantees 3 events and the premium + guarantees 5 events and the premium plus comes with 100 corporate contacts (50 of your choice) and 50 from HFC’s database; however, you must qualify for this offer or meet HFC’s partnership standards.

HFC also has team memberships (for regional and national teams) and enhanced exclusivity options, which allows a select few to be the only radiology vendor/exhibitor within their service radius.

#4. Who are the other premium members on HFC?

Check out HFC's Premium Members:

Scroll through the pages :) Click on the different profiles. Check out their results.

#5. Do I still have to pay per health fair?

NO :)

The one-time, annual membership rate covers everything - including registrations and premium features. There are no fees or charges outside the one-time annual payment.

#6. Does it guarantee me health fairs?

Yes, it guarantees you three or five events, depending on which package you purchased, and you'll most likely get into many more within 12 months depending on your area! Please keep in mind, HFC can’t guarantee you get accepted into a specific company’s health fair.

The premium membership significantly increases your chances of selection for those health fairs. The average acceptance rate with the package is 86%. With the package, if you do things correctly (apply to events in a timely fashion, have a booth photo, etc.), you'll get into events.

I've personally advised non-trendy benefits exhibitors to be successful at getting into corporations. Liberty Mutuals we're getting into ZERO health fairs before I taught them how to use the unlimited package and premium membership. Now, agents with HFC's new system are racking up the events:

Stuart Purring from Liberty Mutual | 25+ events

Laura Mansour from Liberty Mutual | 11+ events in short amount of time

It's not just working for Liberty Mutual agents. I sold a AAA agent down in ATL and an Edward Jones agent who were both skeptical the membership package worked and now they've both been in 10 solid corporate health fairs for their areas.

POINT: If they can do it, you can too!

#7. I don't see any events in my area. Is the membership still worth it?

Yes. There's a spring and fall health fair season, essentially. 25% of events occur during the spring and 50% during the fall, and the other 25% during the summer and winter - again, this is an estimate. So, expect events to be released 30 days out from when they occur. Get the membership at a discount in the offseason. Pay more during peak season - that's the logic.

#8. How Long is The Membership Good For?

12 Months from point of purchase.

Everything is covered for 12 months :)

#9. Is there stand-alone value worth the price even if I don't get accepted to health fairs?

Yes, that's HFC's One-Page Corporate Wellness Website. Display your corporate offerings to the Fortune 5000. Highlight your health fair presence, services and specialties, wellness workshops, screening, deals, and more on HFC’s Search Engine Optimized (SEO’d), One-Page Corporate Wellness Website! Have your corporate presence found on the search engines and share your website to HR managers on LinkedIn to showcase your offerings. Unlock new opportunities with the corporate wellness website.

Read more here:

What are the refund terms?

There are no refunds, but HFC does guarantee you either three or five events by the time if your annual premium membership renewal, depending on the package you selected. IF you haven't attended five events by the time of your annual renewal, HFC will extend the membership until you do for up to an additional year if need be.

If you have any additional questions please email squad [at] healthfairconnections [dot] com.

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Kyle Pickett


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