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What materials do I need on the day of the health fair?

Posted on Friday November 11 2016

Health Fair Materials

Let's start by stating the obvious: be sure you have the correct amount of tables and chairs based on the number of vendors you have selected.

Once tables and chairs are locked down, it’s recommended to have the following on hand the day of your health fair:

  • vendor table cards 
  • tape
  • scissors
  • raffle tickets
  • clipboards
  • pens
  • wifi password (if available)
  • a couple of mini trash cans on hand
  • Vendor detail sheet
  • Couple extra chairs and tables (just in case)

Having on all this on deck is going to make the setup process smooth and easy.

The HFC Team has been to hundreds of health fairs and from experience, the above materials are frequently needed/asked for.

It’s also a PLUS (+) if you have a snack and bottle of water for each of the vendors attending the health fair...just a thought :)

Hope this post helps!

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