HFC's Acquire ($59)

Get accepted into more health fairs at a faster rate.

Have a stronger presence on HFC and online. In addition, land new health fairs outside of HFC by allowing features like HFC’s New 1-Page Corporate Wellness Website to work for you while you’re sleeping.

Get the unlimited premium features you’ve been used too, plus many new features HFC has created just for you and your organization.

hfc 1-page corporate wellness website

With HFC’s Acquire Solution, vendors receive an unlimited amount of premium ads [?] and 3 email notifications that are sent to health fair organizers within 72 hrs. These premium ads highlight features that a basic ad does not (ie. your ratings and reviews). With the Acquire Solution, vendors can apply to an unlimited number of health fairs and make an awesome first impression. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Scroll down to check out the key feature sets.

Express Applications Features

Get a bird's eye view with Google maps and gain an understanding as to the proximity of these corporations to your location.

Filter by past dates to get an idea of perhaps what is to come and more.