Exhibitor How-it-Works Tour

Take 30 seconds to create a free account and be able to view all of HFC’s health fairs (and all the details for each) + have the ability to let health fair organizers know you’re interested in attending their health fairs.

Once you create an account, you’re dropped off inside your health fair dashboard. On the dashboard overview page, you’ll be able to see local and all health fairs that exist on HFC’s platform. You’ll also have access to a number of different things, so take some time to explore! :)

You can either click local health fairs (that will take you to the local health fairs within your mile radius) or all health fairs (which will take you to every health fair on HFC’s platform).

If you see a health fair you’re interested in attending from the directory view, click on it. Once you click on it, you’ll be able to see additional details as well as click a button that begins the process of joining the interested list for that health fair.


[Takes 1-3 mins] HFC gives vendors 3 options to express interest / apply for health fairs. And yes, there’s a free option :-) You can use the free option for up to 14x (that will last you for a long time!!). The risk-free, only pay if selected options are for those who don’t want to risk missing out + for folks who want to have ongoing opportunities with corporations. Not selected, don’t pay. The choice is yours as to how you apply.

If you’d like to message the host (i.e. if you have questions), we give you that ability. For folks who submit free ads or apply with the free option, you guys can only message the organizer once you’re accepted. For folks who do the paid ad, you guys can message the organizer from the start (plus send them attachments and much more). HFC provides a message section to store all your communication.

After expressing interest or applying for health fairs, keep an eye on your email to see if you were selected or denied. REMEMBER, YOU HAVE TO BE SELECTED TO ATTEND HEALTH FAIRS -- YOU CAN’T JUST SHOW UP!!

If you’re selected for a health fair, complete your registration as soon as possible to officially secure your booth space. If you wait, you risk losing it to another exhibitor. Space fills up fast. Once you complete your registration, it will show up under completed registrations on the dash overview.

From your health fair dashboard, you can manage all your health fairs; this includes current and outstanding commitments.

5-7 days before a health fair, you’ll be asked to confirm your attendance. On the health fair date, make sure you show up 1 hr before start time to set up, unless otherwise specified. If you don’t show, your profile will be flagged that you’ve had a no-show and this will be visible to future hosts.

The Health Fairs Platform

Health Fair Exhibitors/Vendors use HFC to:
  1. Get notifications for health fairs
  2. Apply for health fairs
  3. Attend health fairs
  4. Follow-up with health fair organizers for ongoing opportunities (i.e. lunch'n'learns)