Employee Health Fairs: The best marketing for health/wellness providers.

HFC has the largest database in the USA for corporate employee health fairs, making it easy to discover and register for health fairs routinely. Save money, join HFC.

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Learn Why Health Fairs are the Best Marketing for Health/Wellness Providers


Meaningful Conversations, Face-to-Face

There is no better way to educate, explain your services, and GAIN TRUST than face-to-face conversations. It's in these conversations where you receive direct feedback on your offering, and learn the most efficient way to turn a lead into a customer.


The average health fair will provide you with at least 30-to-40 hand-shakes. How many Google Pay-per-click ads, constant contact blasts, groupon ads, birthday cards would you have to pay for to get 30-to-40 people walking through your doors to shake your hand?
There are no monthly fees, you only pay for the booths you want.
Doing groupon, tv, and even advanced forms of internet marketing don’t measure up to the ROI on an Health Fair.

Target Audience

When you come to a health fair, you're getting targeted leads:

  • Fully insured (w/ insurance you accept)
  • Gainfully employed
  • Local residents
  • Open to having conversations about healthcare
Digital marketing like Groupon ads and Google pay-per-click ads do a horrible job of qualifying customers for your business, don't waste your money.

Don't miss anymore health fairs in your area.

It will be one of the best marketing decisions you make.

No credit card required.