How to Approve Vendors
for your Employee Health Fair.

best practices

 What's a free vendor?

HFC doesn't require vendors to pay to participate in your health fair. This allows you to invite any vendor to the platform you would like to have register for your event without the worry of them not attending due to a booth fee.

 What's a premium vendor?

Premium vendors are vendors that have paid additional money to increase their chances of getting selected. They will show up at the top of the Interested Vendors list and will also be able to provide you additional information and insight into the services they provide. In most cases, selecting a premium vendor will ensure that you’re selecting a quality vendor for your health fair.

 How do I get a variety of vendors?

In most cases, you will receive interest from quite a few vendors. A lot of the time, you’re going to get interest from a lot of the same types of vendors (ie. chiropractors). Be sure you mix it up and try to get various types of vendors so that you have various types of education at your health fair

 Can I message vendors before approving them?

You have the opportunity to message each vendor directly. Feel free to message a particular vendor if you wish to gain more information on what they will be providing before you decide to select them for your health fair.

 How long should I wait to approve vendors?

Once a vendor shows up on your Interested Vendors list, we recommend you do not wait too long to approve them (if you want them to attend) for your health fair. Vendors will be notified that you have approved them, but if it has been an extended period of time, they might have a scheduling conflict with your event date by the time you approve them.