Manage Facilities & Venue

Here’s what you should let your facilities know in regards to your health fair.

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How to Manage Facilities & Venue
for your Health Fair.

best practices

 Notify facility manager about the health fair.

Most likely, you will need their approval before securing a room that will serve as the health fair venue.

Let them know the date and time of the health fair. Let them know that it’s best practice to reserve the room 2 hrs before the health fair starts and one hour after the health fair ends.

You’ll want to let them know how many vendors you plan to have, and if you plan to have a head table (used for check in and to display the raffle prizes). Also, keep in mind that some vendors (i.e. hospital system) might need more than one table.

 Work out the details

The facilities manager will most likely know what rooms (conference room, cafeteria, etc.) are available. They will know how many tables and chairs are available and if you’re going to need to use a rental company for these materials. They will also know the electricity situation and additional information about the health fair venue. It’s also a good idea to let facilities know that vendors may need the following:

  • access to a sink (i.e. to wash out smoothy blender)
  • trash cans (i.e. so employees can throw away food samples
  • extension cord (i.e. if a hospital system has multiple tables and needs electricity at each)

 Ask for assistance w/ health fair

If possible, it is recommended to secure the help of facilities during setup and vendor arrival. They can assist with setup / breakdown of the tables as well as helping vendors with their materials.

Free Resource => Facilities Email Template

If you don’t have a facilities crew...

Not all companies are big enough to have a facilities team. If this is your organization, you’ll want to do the following in preparation for your health fair:

  • Reserve the health fair venue (conference room, gym, lunch room, and etc.) and additional rooms if necessary for 2 hours before and 1 hour after the health fair start and end time.
  • Secure enough tables and chairs. If you plan on having 12 vendors, have 12 tables for them and one table as a head table (for raffle prizes and what not). Make sure there's adequate electricity.
  • Ensure you can take care of vendors special needs (i.e. if a vendor needs a small trash can).
  • Help the vendors get into the health fair.

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