Ensure all your health fair vendors register through HFC

HFC automates promotional materials, vendor details sheet, attendance tickets, table tags, and like materials + allows you to message all vendors at the same time. There’s more too...

No credit card required.

5 Reasons to Secure Vendors via HFC

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 Logistics Package

HFC consolidates all the vendor registration details (cellphone, rep name, raffle prize, electricity, wifi, booth photo and more) into beautiful table tages with the vendor's booth photo, a vendor's details sheet for you to reference the day of the health fair, an employee attendance ticket, and more. If vendors register outside HFC, then you forgo certain items for that vendor and your vendor details and other information is therefore incomplete.

 Messaging vendors - one email

If vendors register for your health fair through HFC, you’re able to EASILY mass message vendors (say for parking instructions or change of venue) and also add attachments (i.e. map of parking). Vendors don’t see each other’s email address. Brokers and carriers are included on the emails to vendors. HFC provides you a central place to keep track of everything.

 See who’s confirmed!

Wouldn’t you like to know which vendors are “confirmed” for your health fair? Would you like having the ability to know if someone has clicked an email notification asking the vendor to confirm their attendance to the health fair? Wouldn’t you like to see a list of these folks so that you could personally reach out to the folks who haven’t confirmed their attendance? Well, HFC allows you to have that capability at NO COST -- after all, everything on HFC is FREE. You’re able to pull the vendor details list 3-4 days from the health fair and see who has confirmed or not. The HFC system does this all for you.

 Lock Down the Venue ASAP

Be sure you check with facilities and secure a health fair venue inside your location as soon as you start planning your health fair. You don’t want to be a month away and not have a venue, THEN have to reschedule the health fair. Despite how nice vendors act via email, they will not be to happy about this...

 Promotional Materials

HFC ties all the registration details together for promotional materials [coming soon]. For now, we provide an automated event flyer, an IPAD Grand Prize Raffle Flyer, and a Fitbit Grand Prize Raffle Flyer. Soon, HFC will have more custom event flyers that list the vendors attending. All it will take to create them will be as easily as clicking download and voila.

HFC consolidates everything together for you to save you vast amounts of time and makes YOU look awesome :)

Take the credit. Look like an All Star in front of your employees.

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