You heard right -- FREE Health Fairs

So, why is a price associated with enhanced listings? Keep in mind, there’s limited space inside companies hosting health fairs & many vendors express interest in those health fairs. Only a certain number of vendors will get into a particular health fair. Premium listings cost, but they increase your chances of being selected for health fairs.

No credit card required.

Our Risk Free Promise

HFC will never ask you for credit card information unless you're selected by the host and still wish to complete registration to secure a booth. This means you only pay if you get into the health fair.
Cool, huh?

What You Should Know.


Enhanced listings

By choosing premium listing, HR managers will be able to see much more on your organization (booth photo, raffle prize, message, and more) that helps in the selection process. Premium listings are also stamped with “Very interested” - as an indication that you’re more serious about the health fair than other prospective vendors. By choosing a premium listing, one of the main things you’ll be able to do is send a personalized message to HR managers about why you should be a vendor in their employee health fair. To be clear and to reinforce the text above, by selecting a premium listing, you’ll stand apart from the folks who select a FREE listing by having the following:

  • Premium Profile (includes all you’re booth details
  • Booth Photo (pictures say 1000 words
  • Custom Message (as to why you should be chosen
  • “Very Interested Badge” (this will be on your listing)
For vendors in highly competitive service categories (chiropractor, dental, vision) that want to beat out their competition, premium listings are the way to go. For non-health related vendors (life insurance, 401k, continuing education, workplace banking) -- you’ll want to select premium listing, because from our experience at HFC, most of the time, HR managers want to get wellness related vendors first before allowing more benefits-style vendors to register for their health fairs.

Opportunity Value

By placing a value on the health fair, it enables you to determine how high your listing will show up towards the top of the list of interested vendors on the HR’s pre-approval list. You’ll be prompted to place a value on the health fair after you complete your premium listing. The higher value you place on a health fair, the higher you’ll show up on the list and the less HR managers will have to scroll down the list to find you. They’ll see your complete listing at the top of the list every time they log in. HR managers won’t even have to click your profile, they’ll see it all right there. If there are 60 vendors interested in a health fair, where would you like to show up?

How much?

HFC has taken into account that some businesses have more funds than others. For example, a workplace banking program might be able to afford $500 per health fair as opposed to a yoga studio that only may be able to afford $20 for a health fair. HFC has compensated for that.

For each health fair, the estimated values will be somewhat different. Regardless, you’ll have 3 options when placing a value on each health fair:

  • Low Value: Range -- $10-50.00
  • Recommend Value: Range -- $20-200.00
  • Other: Category dependant; higher than recommended value
Determine the level of interest you’re willing to spend if accepted and where you’d like to show up on the list.


Once you’re accepted, you will go to the "Complete Registration" form. To complete this form, you will be asked to process a payment for the value you placed on the opportunity. If you’re not selected for a health fair, you won’t be charged for placing a value on the health fair.


Health Fair Connections charges for premium listings because that’s how HFC makes money (keeps development & operations going, pays the bills, and etc.). We recently changed the business model from a buy-it-now booth selling model where vendors express interest (free or premium listing) to give HR managers more of a choice of who they’d like in their health fairs and to eliminate less vendors being backed out. Plus, as you know, HFC has been getting health fair request in Chicago, Miami, Phoenix - so, we have to build a product that’s more scalable.

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Participating in health fairs is a great way to gain new customers and patients.

No credit card required.