Want to invite past health fair vendors to your health fair?

No problem. Upload or copy / paste your past health fair vendor list to automatically send them an email invitation with all the info they need.

No credit card required.
Email Phone Company
jane.doe@provider.com 301-243-0956 Wellness Provider, Inc.
john.doe@provider2.com 301-222-4567 Wellness Provider 2, Inc.
alison.doe@provider3.com 301-443-0098 Wellness Provider 3, Inc.

Invite Past Health Fair Vendors
in 3 Steps

Quick steps

 Go to the Vendor “invites” section inside your dashboard

Go to the invite section inside the vendor section of your dashboard. This is where you’ll find the vendor invite section.

 COPY / PASTE Emails

Copy and paste paste vendors emails into the copy / paste section.

Alternate option:
An alternate option would be to upload the entire excel file of your past health fair vendors. With that said -- you have to make sure it’s in the right format, which means you have to move a few columns around, which is very easy to do. This might be the best option for you.

 Click invite

For brokers and carries - an email is all that’s needed; simply copy/paste their email and click invite


All your vendors will now be listed on your promotional materials and logistics package (table tags, vendor details sheet); this is a major reason why you need your past vendors to come through HFC. All your vendors will experience a smoother registration experience and thank you for bringing them onto a new world where they can find local corporate health fairs. Wow your past vendors today. No need to make phone calls, send countless emails, and waste unnecessary hours on your health fair today. Take a few minutes and have a large portion of your health fair complete.

HFC gives you the tools, dashboard, and knowledge to take your health fair to the next level

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