Vendor Code of Conduct

Health and wellness professionals -- It’s important you’re cognisant of HFC’s Vendor Code of Conduct. Use it as a guide to get accepted to more health fairs.

HFC Code of Conduct


Soliciting Policy

Vendors are not allowed to require employees to sign up or provide contact information for any materials, screenings, samples, etc. they have at their booth. IF the employee wants to provide this information, you’re more than welcome to have a contact list. If you have items for sale, employees can purchase BUT some type of free offering is still required for your booth. Vendors, if you break this code, HR managers will inform us and it will affect the rate at which you get into new health fairs. Be strategic and don’t jeopardize HFC’s solicitation policy. Being pushy or sneaky will eliminate you from future health fairs.

Arrive On Time

Host companies expect vendors to arrive on time - this means giving yourself enough time for parking, security, entry, booth setup, and being ready to greet employees as they enter the health fair. Health Fair setup starts 1 hour before the health fair, so make sure you’re there at least 45 minutes before the health fair start time. Vendors who show up 10-15 minutes before the health fair starts puts unnecessary stress on HR managers. Don’t be that vendor. Arrive to the health fair with plenty of time before it starts. Be respectful.

Be Interactive

Be approachable as employees make their way through the health fair. It’s to your benefit to smile and be welcoming as employees approach your booth. This means not being on your cell phone, sitting the entire duration of the event, or not being at your booth for extended periods of time. You’re also not going to get new business this way; we see vendors do it all the time and watch them scratch their heads as to why they don’t have more business...

Be Flexible

Not every event is a perfect event, and you will consider certain events to be “better” than others. However, please be consistent with how you approach and maintain a professional attitude at each health fair. Your activity and reputation will attach to your HFC profile. It’s our goal to know as much information as possible to best serve companies / corporations / organizations when it comes to the health & well being of their employees.


All vendors are required to bring their own tablecloth. Vendors who do not have a table cloth are most times considered unprofessional. It comes down to what kind of signal do you want to send to employees and other vendors. There are tons of companies out there that will produce a table cloth with your logo on it. Table clothes normally run about $200, so make the smart investment and get one.

Raffle Prize

All vendors are required to bring a raffle prize for the employee raffle. You’re welcome to do a 2nd raffle at your table as long as you provide a prize for the main raffle. Vendors who don’t provide a raffle look unprofessional, as HFC alerts each vendor to the fact that they need to bring a raffle prize to the health fair. A raffle prize serves as a great tactic for vendors to stand out AND even bring more customers / patients into their practice (i.e. a free massage will brings an employee back to massage therapist practice, increasing changes that employee becomes a client).

Be Responsive

All health fair communication is done through your dashboard so be sure to check your messages as your health fair contact will most likely be contacting you prior to the event.

No Billing for Screenings

If your Interactive Offering can’t be done or offered for free, then it’s best not to do it.

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