HFC's Automated logistics package for Employee Health Fairs

No need to stress on the day of your health fair. List your health fair on HFC to gain access to the logistics package at NO COST. Have fun, and relax this time around.

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HFC’s Automated Logistics Package

What's Inside

Vendor Table Tags

Vendor table tags are used to place vendors at their appropriate table based off their special requests (ie. need a corner space for my massage chair) or if they need to be near an electrical outlet. All this information (including the vendor rep name and booth photo) is found on each table tag for each specific vendor. Set these out on all tables prior to the vendors arriving, so all that is needed is to lead them to their booth once they arrive.


Vendor Details Sheet

The vendor detail sheet is a PDF document available for download that lists all details for each vendor including rep name, phone #, electric and wifi needs, special requests, and their raffle prize. There also is a “Received Reminder” column. When each vendor clicks the re-confirmation button in the email they receive a week prior to the health fair, their box will turn from “No” to “Yes.” This will ensure you that all vendors are ready to attend your event.


Employee Attendance Ticket

This document is available for download if you wish for your employees to visit at least 80% of the vendors at the health fair. This could be used to make sure employees receive adequate education at the event prior to getting their wellness points, getting food, or entering the employee raffle (these tickets can be used and replace raffle tickets for the employee raffle).


Facilities Email Template

Feel free to use HFC’s email template when alerting your facilities manager or team that HFC is having a health fair. It’s easy to modify and send out.


Front Desk Email Template

HFC’s front desk email template lets the front desk know what to expect. Feel free to modify it to your liking. It’s easy to send out.

Don't lose valuable time developing health fair logistics docs

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