We strongly discourage having lengthy health fairs. Below are a few tips for why you should keep your event duration in mind when planning your health fair.

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5 Reasons to Keep Your Health Fair Short

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 Two Hours is Usually More Than Enough

The ideal health fair time frame is 2 hrs. (unless you have 500+ onsite employees). If you properly promote and create awareness with your employees, 2 hours should be plenty of time for them to come to the health fair. It’s wise to schedule the health fair during the lunch hours (11:30 am -1:30 pm)

 Shorter Duration = Easy Vendor Securement

The longer your health fair is, the more difficult it will be to find vendors as it becomes more difficult when an event is going to tie up their entire day. Vendors will find it difficult to attend if you are asking them to be out of their office for a large amount of time. If they are able to find staffing, it most likely will not be the doctor or physician that attends the event. The shorter your health fair, the better chance you have of securing quality vendors.

 Positive Buzz

If your health fair is short and to the point, considering a high percentage of employees come through, vendors will talk your health fair up and spread the word to other vendors that it’s a good health fair. You don’t want vendors having negative word of mouth, saying things like “the health fair was too long” or “we sat there after the rush of employees for 2 hrs”, and like comments. Avoid this altogether by having a short health fair.

 Biometrics & Health Fair Length

Holding biometric screenings for your employees in conjunction with your health fair does not mean that you have to run your health fair the same length of time as it takes for your screenings. If your screenings are running all day based off scheduling, we recommend holding your health fair somewhere in between biometric screening time frames around lunchtime -- this way employees can come back for smoothies and food.

 If You Have Two Shifts, CREATE Two Events

In some cases, companies have two or more employees shifts. We understand that you want to make sure that all employees get a chance to attend the event, but this does not mean that you have to plan the health fair to be all day. Break your event up in two sessions. You can hold a two hour morning event, let vendors break for lunch (leaving their booth setup), and they will then come back for another two-hour health fair for the other employee shifts.

Recommended Event Times
(based off employee size)

Company Size Health Fair Length
> 100 employees 1hr - 1.5hrs
100 - 499 employees 1.5 - 2 hrs
500 - 1,000 employees 2 - 3 hrs
< 1,000 employees 3 - 4 hrs

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