What are the major “to-dos” to pull off a first-rate employee health fair?

Once deciding on a date, time and venue for your health fair, here are the following major to-dos. If you use HFC, these to-dos will be very easy to complete.

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Major To-dos for Employee Health Fairs

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Invite broker, carriers and fellow HR managers via Broker/Carrier Invite Section (copy / paste emails and you’re done)
Invite past health fair vendors (copy / paste emails OR upload excel file and you’re done :))


[Soon as you create the health fair] Download “Save-the-Date” event flyer (click download :))
[Soon as you create the health fair] Send Save-the-Date to employees via email | More info
[Next 2 days after creating health fair] Post Save-the-Date around building (employee board, restrooms, elevators, and etc.)
[5 days before health fair] Print off Health Fair Attendance Ticket – OR secure raffle tickets. For the attendance ticket, click download and it’s done. Print as many as you’d like.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Secure food. More info
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Secure grand raffle prize. More info
[Day before health fair] Send reminder to employees email 1 day before the health fair


[ASAP] Reserve the venue the health fair will be held | You can use HFC’s email template to alert facilities to the health fair. Plug in the date, time and a few other details and voila :)
Alert facilities how many tables and chairs you’ll need | This is included in the to-do above
[5-6 weeks from date of health fair] Alert the front desk to the date and time of the health fair | Keep in mind, vendors start arriving one hour early | More info


[DAILY until complete] Check which vendors have expressed interest in the “Interested Vendors” section of the website. You’ll also receive emails as vendors express interest.
[As needed] Approve and select vendors for your health fair
[5 days before health fair] Send out parking instructions. You can easily do this from the message vendors section
[2 days before the health fair] Re-send parking instructions. Use the message vendor section


[3 days before the health fair] Print off logistics package (table tags, vendor details, and attendance tickets) | Click download package; it’s that easy :)
[Day of health fair] Bring logistics package to health fair venue, set table tags on tables and keep health fair details sheet at head table.
[Day of health fair] Help vendors back to venue

HFC makes it easy to complete the major health fair to-dos to ensure an AWESOME health fair

Use the FREE resource, have fun, and don’t stress this time round! Execution is super easy

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