Invite brokers and carriers to your health fair planning dashboard

HFC’s easy to use health fair production software makes it easy to secure vendors, produce a health fair, and keep everyone on the same page.

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Learn How to Invite Carriers & Brokers, and get them to assist in planning your health fair

best practices

 Sending invites to your planning dashboard

From your event dashboard, click "Invite them here" under the "BROKERS, CARRIERS, HR" section in the left hand navigation. . Just copy / paste their email and click “Send Out My Invites”.

 Automatic Access to Manage Your Health Fair

Once the brokers and carriers have accepted, they have all the same access to the features of the dashboard that you do in case you wish to have them help plan your event. They can message vendors, approve vendors, download promotional materials, and more.

 Know Exactly Which Brokers and Carriers are Attending with RSVP Feature

Brokers and carriers can RSVP for your health fair once invited. We recommend reaching out to them once you confirm your health fair date as they will need sufficient time for scheduling.

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