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What is an HFC health fair?

Typically, an HFC health fair is when a corporation (the host) has a health and wellness event for their employees where they bring in local health and wellness vendors -- acupuncturist, chiropractor, dentist, family practice, yoga studio, and etc. -- and benefits vendors -- credit unions, 401k plans, insurances carriers (medical, dental, vision) -- through The host not only secures the vendors through HFC, but also uses the project management aspect of HFC to manage to-dos, develop and download event flyers, print off logistics packages, message vendors, and more. Vendors are alerted to health fairs near them and express interest in the health fairs they want to attend. If they’re selected, they have to accept and confirm their registration in the health fair.

How does HFC make money?

Health Fair Connections (HFC) is a free health fair software platform for HR managers, Insurance Carriers, and Benefit Brokers (the corporations, which we call the host) tasked with producing health fairs -- AND -- for health and wellness professionals (who we call vendors) wanting to participate in corporate health fairs, to an extent…

We’re a FREE vendor securement tool and production software for HR managers, Insurance Carriers, and Benefit Brokers who are tasked with producing health fairs. We let the HR manager, broker or carrier -- the host -- producing the health fair select the vendors that are the best fit for their health fair and manage all production aspects of the health fair. HFC drives lots of interested vendors to each health fair for the “host” to select.

HFC doesn’t charge health fair vendors for booth spaces. HFC allows vendors to express interest in health fairs by having either a FREE or Premium Listing. If vendors select a free listing, it’s no cost for them to express interest in the health fair, yet not much information about that vendor will be shown on the vendor's listing and they will not get a “highly interested” badge. With that said, they’re most likely not that interested in the health fair opportunity. If an HR manager, benefits broker, or carrier approves vendors with FREE listings for their health fair, the vendor is NOT charged for the health fair.

Vendors who are highly interested in the health fair will most likely select a premium health fair listing. By selecting a premium health fair listing, the vendor will place a value on the health fair which will determine how high the vendor is ranked on the pre-approval vendor list; they’re essentially bidding themselves up the list. By selecting the premium option, the vendor will also receive a premium listing, which allows the vendor to have a nicer listing with more info (booth photo, message to HR, raffle prize, and more). The HR managers will also receive an email when these vendors express interest in the health fair. If those vendors are selected, they’re charged the amount they expressed for the health fair. Keep in mind, 10 chiropractors could possibly express interest in one health fair. We advise to go with the chiropractor that’s “very interested” near the top of the list. That way you weed out the vendors not valuing the opportunity as much.

Vendors with premium listings are more likely to show up on time, have better raffle prizes, be more engaging (offering screenings and activities), have FREE giveaways, and more…

How much does HFC charge for enhanced listings?

HFC gives vendors an opportunity to place a value on each health fair they are interested in. For most vendors (acupuncture, yoga, etc.), the minimum value they can place on a health fair is $20.00 - the cost for lunch at a decent restaurant and much cheaper than any other marketing methods. By placing a value on a health fair, vendors get an enhanced listing when requesting access to a health fair. The higher the value they place the more likely it is they ultimately get approved to have a booth at the health fair.

Vendors are ONLY charged the value they express for the health fair IF they’re accepted and still wish to have a booth at the health fair.

How do I start planning my health fair?

After you create an account (free & takes 30 secs.), you will click, “plan a health fair.” Fill out the necessary information needed to list the health fair and then you will then need to verify the company hosting the health fair by listing the point-of-contact (put your own info in if it’s you) and listing the company’s website domain. From that point, you’ll receive an email to verify your listing and HFC will approve the listing.

Once the listing is approved, your health fair will GO LIVE on and vendors within a 20 mile radius will be alerted to your health fair.

When will I start seeing interested vendors for my health fair?

Once your health fair is approved, HFC will notify the vendors located in or around your companies zip code. If you have particular vendors you would like invited, uploaded a .CSV vendor list (with email contacts), and the platform will invite them for you. You can include a message and if you would not like those vendors to be charged, simply say in the message for them to select a free listing and you will approve them.

How do I select vendors?

Once vendors start to express interest in your health fair, you will see them listed under “Interested Vendors” inside your dashboard. You can check out the vendor’s profile, message the vendor, and decide to “approve” the vendor for your health fair. Once they confirm, you get notified via email and see them under “Vendor Registrations.”

Can I message the vendors all at once?

Yes. Under the “Vendor Messaging” section inside your dashboard, you can enter in one message and send it to all vendors with the click of a button. We recommend using this feature to inform vendors of specific entry instructions, date changes, parking instructions, etc. Feel free to attach files - for example, the parking instructions to your company.

Can I download an event flyer?

Yes, you can download an automated event flyer. Under “the Promotional Materials” section inside your dashboard, you will find a save-the-date flyer you can edit and download in PDF. The save-the-date flyer will also be emailed to you, but don’t wait - go ahead, download it, and get started spreading the word.

What is my “Logistics Package?”

These are the materials you will want to use the day of the health fair. The package includes: 1) table tags 2) events details sheet) 3) employee attendance ticket. Table tags will be automated with the vendor's booth photo (most of the time, if they have uploaded it) and all the essentials for each vendor (cell phone 3, wifi, electricity, raffle prize, and more). The Vendor Detail sheet can be downloaded and will provided all the necessary information as well as what to expect from each vendor. Download the employee attendance ticket if you wish to have your employees visit 80% of the vendors’ booths prior to leaving the event or entering into the employee raffle. The attendance ticket is a great way to keep track of who entered the health fair. You’ll want to use this if employees get points towards their wellness program by attending the health fair.

What does HFC NOT provide?

1) The health fair venue --
HR managers, this is on you. From our experience, most employer groups (corporations) have ample space for their health fair. Space includes large lunch rooms, large conference rooms, gymnasiums, theaters, large hallways, and etc. If space is tight, be creative and spread vendors throughout your facility (if allowed). If this is the case, we’ve seen host have scavenger hunts for their employees to find all the vendors.

2) Table and chairs --
Most corporations have the appropriate amount of table and chairs. The averaged size health fair consist around 12 vendors, so 14 tables (one being the head table and one being an extra). As with the chairs, normally multiply the table count by 2. In the case of 14 tables, you would need 28 chairs. Keep in mind that a few vendors might need extra chairs - say if a vendor brings 3 people.

3) Onsite logistics --
HFC doesn’t send folks out to staff your health fair, unless you’re willing to pay for onsite logistics. We give you a logistics package (table tags, vendor details, and employee attendance ticket), information to give to facilities and the front desk, and our system enables you to mass message the vendors as to what’s expected -- so, there’s no need for someone from HFC to come out to your health fair.

When do vendors start arriving?

Vendors will begin to arrive an hour prior to the start of the health fair unless you message them and tell them otherwise. It is important you use the “announcements” feature inside the messaging section of your dashboard to mass email all the registered vendors.

Do I need to provide the table and chairs?

Yes. The hosting company is responsible for providing the table and chairs. Each vendor will need one table and at least two chairs. We recommend having additional chairs and tables on hand in case needed.

What are some of the vendor special request?

Here are a few of the typical request HFC receives:

  • Small trash can
  • Extra table or chair
  • More room to hang a sign
  • Hang a sign on the wall
  • Sink to wash out their blender
  • Copies of paperwork (because the ran out)

What materials do I need to have on hand?

It’s recommended to have tape, scissors, raffle tickets, pens, wifi password (if available), and a couple trash cans on hand.

It’s also a PLUS (+) if you have a snack and bottle of water for the vendors attending the health fair.

How do I handle the employee raffle?

We recommend collecting the raffle prizes from all vendors and putting them on the head / registration table to entice the employees to come through the health fair. Employees can get into the raffle as they enter the health fair by putting their name on a raffle ticket and dropping it into the raffle bucket/bowl -- OR -- by picking up an attendance ticket, carrying it around to get vendor's initials, and dropping the attendance ticket back off at the front desk. If you do not want to have a head / registration table, inform vendors they can raffle off each individual item at their booth. It’s your world, and in the end, up to you how you do the employee raffle.

Can I create & manage multiple health fairs on HFC

Yes you certainly can :) HFC makes it super easy to manage many health fairs at once. If you have locations spread out over the entire nation, no worries!!! HFC is built for just that. You’ll have one central location to manage all your health fairs.

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