1-Page Corporate Wellness Website

Get accepted into corporate health fairs on and off HFC

Display your corporate offerings to the Fortune 5000. Highlight your health fair presence, services and specialities, wellness workshops, screening, deals, and more on HFC’s Search Engine Optimized (SEO’d), 1-Page Corporate Wellness Website!

A valuable extension of your brand and online presence!

hfc 1-page corporate wellness website

HFC is rapidly becoming the authority source for corporate employee health fairs and is expecting unprecedented growth for 2018.
Go ahead, secure your spot. Get ahead of the pack and growth to come with HFC’s 1-Page Corporate Wellness Website and all the benefits of HFC’s Acquire Solution.

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Key Features

HFC has added a navbar which links to the most important sections on your one page website. HFC has also added an invite button to the far right of the navbar, which allows health fair organizers and HR managers to invite you to their health fairs directly

HFC now allows you and your fellow vendors to add an About Us and social media sections, in addition to a section for tags (i.e. wellness workshops in Raleigh NC”).

Additional Features


Here are a few things that make you more trustworthy and more likely to get selected for health fairs:

  • Verified Email
  • Verified Phone
  • Verified LinkedIn
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Number of health fairs

And those who lock in from September 7th-29th, get a HFC Charter Membership Badge, which is another trust element.


If you don’t know what that is, that’s okay. If you do, perfect. Regardless, just know the benefit - now HR managers, health fair organizers, and corporations will find you online and your online real estate will increase in value.

Here are some of the new SEO elements HFC offers:

  • Meta description
  • Image Tags
  • SEO Form
  • Social Media
  • About Us
  • Backlinks
  • Sitemap

Search engines will be able to crawl and index this info, and in the end, your website.

HFC’s 1-Page Corporate wellness website serves as a valuable extension of your brand. This is one huge benefit alone!


1-Page Corporate Wellness Website also elevates your position in HFC’s directory, so you're found before others in the search results.

Even better, an invite button is on your directory listing so HR managers and health fair organizers have another option to quickly invite you and your organization to their events.


You’ll also be able to display the following, as you did with your profile::

  • Health fair booth photos
  • Locations
  • Workshops
  • Screenings
  • Deals
  • Booth details

So, make sure they’re all up to speed once you’ve secured your site.


You’ll also see a LinkedIn sharing button as you did on your profile. If you didn’t know it already, LinkedIn is where a majority of health fair organizers and HR managers reside online.

And, they’ll be more to come with HFC’s 1-Page Corporate Wellness Profile.

Get your 1-Page Website with HFC’s Acquire Solution.
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