How to Make a High Quality Health Fair Booth

Having a high-quality health fair booth changes the game. You'll receive more foot traffic, convert more hand shakes into customers, and leave a lasting experience that will get you invited back year after year.

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Checklist to ensure you have a High Quality Health Fair Booth


Table Cloth

All vendors are required to bring their own table cloth to cover their booth table. We recommend having one with vibrant colors so that you stand out from other vendor booths. Clean tablecloths with your company’s logo works great and makes you appear more professional and trustworthy.


Have more than just printed handouts at your booth. Activities (games or contest) and screenings (ie. vision or back screenings) are a plus. If you are not a vendor that offers screenings, have some type of game or giveaways that entice employees to stop by your booth and have a unique experience.


If you’re standing at your booth in a pleasant manner with a smile on your face, employees are more likely to stop by your booth and engage you. Those who sit at their table don’t get the most out for the health fair. When you are sitting down, you do not appear very engaging. Stand up behind or in front of your booth to maximize the amount of foot traffic at your booth.

Survey’s / Screening Tools

Surveys and screening tools (i.e. sleep apnea screening questionnaire) will allow you to have better conversations with employees that pass. PLUS, employees will have something to take back and look over. TIP: You can also collect employees information on the survey or screening tool if you have their consent. If you capture this information, it comes in handy when you’d like to follow up to the conversation you had with the employee at the health fair.


Smoothies, protein, gummies, snack bars, fruit, and like samples are great for employees and make you stand out at the health fair. You’re chances of being selected for health fairs also increase if you provide samples.

Giveaways / Freebies

Pens, calendars, sticky notes, key chains, and other giveaways are a plus at health fairs and make you more likely to get invited back to next year's health fairs. FREE classes, massages, and etc. are a great way to get employees to come to your place of business, giving you a better chance to convert them to a customer or patient.

Educational Handouts

Booklets, brochures, handouts, and like materials are great take aways for employees. Business cards with your contact information works great too.

Booth Pictures

Take pictures of your health fair booth and upload them to your profile. Show HR managers who are sorting through vendors why you stand out. This is HIGHLY important if you’d like to increase your chances in participating in health fairs.

Make sure you take a variety of different photos. For example, if sometimes you bring a screening machine or offer samples, take those as well. If you have different specialities inside your practice, get photos of those too. If you don’t have any health fairs on the books, set your booth up inside your office and start snapping :)

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