Employee Health Fair
Best Practices

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Tips for Planning an Employee Health Fair

best practices

 Keep it Short and Sweet

A health fair does not need to be scheduled all day and the time frame should be based off the total amount of employees you have onsite. Schedule your health fair during the lunch hours. Below are the recommended time frames based off employee size:

  • Less than 100: 1hr - 1.5hrs
  • 100 to 499: 2hrs
  • 500-1000: 3hrs
  • 1000 + 4 hrs

 Provide Food if Possible

Some vendors will bring food samples but securing food will almost always guarantee a great employee turnout IF you spread the word! It also is always nice (but not required) to provide vendors with lunch if planning to have them be at an event that is 3 or more hours.

 Schedule with Screenings or Flu shots

Schedule your health fair the same day you schedule biometric screenings or flu shots. The health fair will increase the amount of employees that receive shots / screenings and vice versa. Check out HFC’s Biometric Screenings and Flu Shots Pages.

 Lock Down the Venue ASAP

Be sure you check with facilities and secure a health fair venue inside your location as soon as you start planning your health fair. You don’t want to be a month away and not have a venue, THEN have to reschedule the health fair. Despite how nice vendors act via email, they will not be to happy about this...

 Pick a smart date. No Weekends!

It’s very difficult to get quality vendors to participate and to get employees to come to a work event that is held on the weekend. A health fair is the last thing an employee wants to attend on a weekend. We’ve been in the business for 7 years and this still holds true.Tuesday through Friday seem to be the best days for health fairs.

 Spread the Word & Create Awareness

Make sure you download your event flyer inside your HFC dashboard. Post it up, and spread the word that the health fair is coming up. Once the health fair starts, make an announcement or send out an email to your employees letting them know the health fair is under way!

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