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Get answeres to frequently asked questions regarding Health Fair Connections' platform.



How do I get signed up?

There are two ways to sign up on the ’s platform from the home page. Best option: Click the yellow “Become A Vendor” button or click the big green “Join For Free Now” button and then select, “I Present At Health Fairs.” You can then complete the registration using your LinkedIn or your email address. You’ll receive immediate access once complete!

How do I express interest in health fairs?

Once you have gained access to HFC, you will be immediately brought to a page that will show you health fairs that are closest to the zip code you entered when you created your profile. If there are health fairs inside your dashboard, click the “View” button. This will take you to that particular health fairs event page. From there, if the health fair looks like a great opportunity for you, you can click “I’m Interested” if you wish to register for the health fair. Once you have done this, the point-of-contact for the health fair is notified that you are interested in participating. If they select you or chose to message you, you will be notified. If selected, it’s up to you to then click the link and complete the booking!

Health fairs are free now!?

You have the opportunity to participate in any health fair for free. After clicking “I’m Interested” on a particular event page, you will have the option to register for the health fair for free. You don’t get to give hosting companies as much information prior to the health fair like you would with an "enhanced listing” NOR are you able to move yourself high up on the pre-approval list, (see next question) but you still have a decent chance of being selected...

What is an "Enhanced" Listing?

An enhanced Listing is the best option you have to express interest in health fairs. For a small fee, you can enhance your listing providing the host company with information related to your booth (raffle prize and etc.), send a direct message of why you should be in the health fair, and soon, even upload documents or videos for the point-of-contact to review. You also will stay at the towards top of the list for the entire duration of the registration process depending on the value you place on the health fair opportunity - which is essentially your bid. It’s a known fact that price & quality go hand-in-hand. If you’re in a competitive market, this will increase your chances of getting selected and developing a relationship with an HR manager.

What is my Vendor Profile?

Your vendor profile is basically your corporate wellness identity. It’s a place for you to tell corporations what you can offer them, show them pictures of your health fair booth, and list your workshops (lunch’n’learns, presentations, and etc.) or screenings. It’s very important to fill out and enhance your profile as host companies will have the ability to review them prior to selecting you as a vendor.

You can also share your vendor profile on LinkedIn and show HR managers what you can offer their corporations. You’ll look extra good since you’ve highlighted a NEW health fair software and way to find vendors. They’ll save 95% of their time on health fair production and have a new way to find vendors for their health fairs, workshops, and etc. Guess who they’ll thank?? YOU!!

What are “My Offerings?”

“My Offerings” are where you can find any screenings or workshops you have uploaded on HFC for host companies to find and book. If they book one of your offerings, your organization will be able to come on site and educate their employees. The “Create” tab which is located next to the “My Events” tab will allow you to create and upload any offerings you have available. It wise to go ahead and do this. Although HFC doesn’t have scheduling and booking technology, it will by June of 2015 - so go ahead and get yours up!

Are the table and chairs provided for my booth?

One table and 2 chairs should be provided for you on the day of the health fair. When you complete your registration, you can inform the client you need extra tables or chairs (not always available). Most times, standard 6 ft tables are used for corporate health fairs. Always be prepared if this isn’t the case. If a corporation has square or oval tables for you. Hopefully, corporations with those tables will let you know about that up front.

Will I receive a reminder or any instructions prior to arriving?

Yes. You will receive a reminder email from our system asking you to click a confirmation button. Clicking this button confirms to the host company that you have received the reminder; it’s HIGHLY important you do this to not cause stress on their end. If there are any parking instructions, you will receive a message from the host company informing you of any specific parking or entry instructions. If you do not receive these instructions, it is safe to assume that parking is not an issue and entry is directly through the main entrance.

Will food be provided?

Some host companies will provide food and some will not. The point-of-contact will inform you if food is provided.

Will I see the total amount of employees?

It’s very rare you will see the total amount of employees. We expect at least 35-40% percent of companies with 100+ total employees and 50% - 75% for host companies with less than 100 employees. For the super large companies, say with 2000 employees onsite at their campus, expect 20-30% (200-300) employees to come through the health fair.

Will I have electricity or wifi?

If you express you need electricity or wifi for the health fair during the registration process, it’s a high chance the company will have you at a table with electric hook up and will give you the password to the wifi.

How much time do I have before the health fair to get set up?

Vendor set up normally begins an hour before the health fair. We encourage all vendors to begin setting up 45 mins to an hour before the health fair to avoid setting up at the last minute, stressing the HR manager out and looking bad to the employees and other vendors. Also, please keep in mind that parking may be an issue and some health fair venues are not easy to get to.

What does it mean, no soliciting?

No this-for-that. Here’s two examples of a vendor doing just that while speaking with an employee: “In order to receive a smoothy, you must first give us your email” OR, “in order to get a free t-shirt, you must first give us your email.” So vendors, no “this for that”.

What do HR managers like to see at a health fair?

Here’s a short list:

  • Vendors showing up on time
  • Vendors standing and being engaging
  • Vendors not being pushy
  • Vendors respecting their employees
  • Vendors giving away free samples
  • Vendors providing nice raffle prizes
  • Vendors being courteous to other vendors

How do I handle the employee raffle?

We recommend collecting the raffle prizes from all vendors and putting them on the head / registration table to entice the employees to come through the health fair. Employees can get into the raffle as they enter the health fair by putting their name on a raffle ticket and dropping it into the raffle bucket/bowl -- OR -- by picking up an attendance ticket, carrying it around to get vendor's initials, and dropping the attendance ticket back off at the front desk. If you do not want to have a head / registration table, inform vendors they can raffle off each individual item at their booth. It’s your world, and in the end, up to you how you do the employee raffle.

Can I create & manage multiple health fairs on HFC

Yes you certainly can :) HFC makes it super easy to manage many health fairs at once. If you have locations spread out over the entire nation, no worries!!! HFC is built for just that. You’ll have one central location to manage all your health fairs.

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