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advanced hfc health fair directory search features

Advanced filters help you find the health fairs
that are ideal for you and your organization

Advanced Filters

Get a bird's eye view with Google maps and gain an understanding as to the proximity of these corporations to your location.

Filter by past dates to get an idea of perhaps what is to come and more.

Find health fairs with the employee sizes you desire

Are you a vendor that won’t go to a health fair that last over 3 hrs? If so, filter those out. Are you a vendor that will go to any health fair, no matter the hours because you’ll do computer work or network with your fellow vendors? If so, no need to use this filter.

Would you like to see what other vendors and exhibitors have indicated about past health fairs when it comes to turnout, length of time, and more insight on whether you and your organization should attend a future health fair from that corporation or organization? If so, HFC now enables its vendors to be able to view past health fair survey results from their fellow vendors who attended in the past.

Access the first of it’s kind
health fair platform and its valuable tools

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Key Benefits

Access HFC’s Ecosystem
of Health Fairs

As of September of 2017, HFC has listed over 1200 health fairs on its platform. HFC is projected to triple its growth for 2018. There’s no better time to familiarize yourself with HFC. View health fairs from corporations and organizations of all different shapes, sizes, demographics, industries, cultures, and more. No matter if you’re only looking for local health fairs, or health fairs all over the country - you’ll find results.

Apply to an unlimited number of health fairs using basic ads.

Forget about your basic ads running out and stopping at 14. Apply to health fairs with ease using HFC basic ads. Hosts and organizers will receive 2 email notifications within a 48 hours period indicating that you’ve applied to their health fairs in hope of attending.

Basic ads are what HR managers and health fair organizers see as your application to their health fairs. HR managers and health fair organizers are also notified via email 2x with your basic ad, as mentioned above. Don't like the way basic ads look? Check out premium ads with HFC's Acquire Solution.

Use HFC’s Health Fair Dashboard to manage your health fairs.

In addition to being able to view local, all, and past health fairs - HFC provides a health fair dashboard that allows vendors to manage their health fair engagements, broken into four categories:

  • Outstanding Registrations
  • Secured Booths
  • Pending Decisions
  • Denials

HFC provides an easy way for vendors to keep track of their engagements.

Display information about you, your organization, and offerings as it relates to corporations and their employees via your HFC profile.

HFC provides vendors with a profile that allows vendors to display the following about themselves and their organizations:

  • Health Fair Booth Photos
  • Locations
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Essentail Health Fair Info
  • Workshops
  • Screenings

And more!!