HFC's Communicate ($19)

Communicate with fair organizers, HR managers, & benefits reps, anytime!

Ask questions, share offers, book appointments, and more for each active and past health fair.

Finally, have an open dialogue!

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Key Features

Find out more specifics about the health fair to determine if you and your organization would like to attend. Ask questions about setup and let the organizer know your special requests to get the most out of your health fair experience.

Take another shot at getting in by sending a message with your booth photo and more information about you and your organization as it relates to why the health fair organizer would be missing out. With HFC’s Communicate Solution, you can do this with ease.

Don’t let the channel of communication end once the health fair has come to pass. Share your workshops, screenings, and deals after the health fairs and increase your efforts of getting back onsite.

Get your star ratings as close to 5 as you can for higher directory placement. As you’ve probably guessed, the more positive your ratings and reviews are, the better your chances you have on getting accepted into health fairs. Ask away!!

Have a workshop, screening, offerings, or multiples of each? HFC now allows this layer of connectivity and no longer does an HFC admin play middle man in coordination efforts.