Health Fair Vendors near Winston-Salem, NC


Find health fair vendors near Winston-Salem, NC

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Sam's Club (Winston Salem)*

Health Fairs: 8
Raffle: Thermal Freezer Tote Bag
Interactive: Free Hearing test voucher for employees at the health fair, information on pharmacy, optical, and free health screenings.
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Brittian Chiropractic Center, PLLC

Health Fairs: 7
Raffle: Wobble disc
Interactive: We perform neurological scans to give folks a visual representation of how their brain and nerves are able to communicate.
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Gray Chiropractic and Sports Associates

Health Fairs: 3
Raffle: A Wellness Gift Basket!
Interactive: At our booth we provide posture assessments which is a fun way to educate and engage individuals in their own health and well being! Not only do participants learn about their body and nervous system, they gain life-changing health information too! We are excited to share our knowledge and state of the art technology with you!
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Le Bleu Bottled Water

Health Fairs: 6
Raffle: 1 case of Le Bleu bottled water
Interactive: while offering patrons a sample of our water we demonstrate our water coolers and educate patrons on the health benefits of drinking pure water
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Health Fairs: 6
Raffle: TBD
Interactive: Free hearing screenings-free hearing aid cleanings
Dewey's bakery

Dewey's Bakery

Health Fairs: 5
Raffle: $50.00 gift card
Interactive: We will be selling ice cream
Twin city denistry

Twin City Dentistry

Health Fairs: 5
Raffle: Oral B Electric Tooth Brush value 150.00
Interactive: We will be handing out dental health samples to employees
Summitcu ecsalesevent

Summit Credit Union

Health Fairs: 9
Raffle: Summit Marketing Item
Interactive: App Demos, Marketing info/giveaways/Drawings, Big $100 Bill cutout
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Alpha Health Center

Health Fairs: 2
Raffle: Gift Certificate
Interactive: We do a computerized spinal analysis.

Eagle Physicians

Health Fairs: 5
Raffle: Healthy Gift Basket
Interactive: We provide a health quiz
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Gold's Gym

Health Fairs: 3
Raffle: Free trial membership
Interactive: body fat percentage analysis and personal training assessment

Arbonne International

Health Fairs: 2
Raffle: One of our #1 products that can be used by men and/or women
Interactive: Makeup tutorials, smoothie samples, and wrinkle removing (LOL)

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