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Iron Horse Optometric Group

Health Fairs: 1
Raffle: Rayban Sunglasses
Interactive: Fun and personable team of doctors and staff!!
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Total Health Chiropractic

Health Fairs: 0
Raffle: Orthopedic supplies
Interactive: We do a brief examination of the spine, posture analysis, and ergonomic evaluations.
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Peninsula Wellness Centre

Health Fairs: 0
Raffle: Cryotherapy Single session coupons.
Interactive: We provide a visual presentation of how Cryotherapy works, benefits and the science behind it.
Beeline bikes booth photo

Beeline Bikes Tri-Valley

Health Fairs: 0
Raffle: N/A
Interactive: Full service bike shop in a Ford Transit Van

Element Chiropractic Wellness

Health Fairs: 0
Raffle: A voucher for chiropractic services free of charge in our office
Interactive: We can provide posture evaluations which are quick scans that determine correct/incorrect posture
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9Round Livermore

Health Fairs: 1
Raffle: 1 Month of Unlimited Personal Training at 9Round
Interactive: Thai Pads, Focus Mitts, Kickboxing Demo
9round gloves   wraps


Health Fairs: 0
Raffle: A Free Month Of Unlimited Training Gift Certificate
Interactive: Boxing Hand Pad Demonstration & Spinning A Prize Wheel!
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Costco Wholesale #422

Health Fairs: 0
Raffle: cash card
Interactive: We provide materials on all aspects of what Costco Wholesale has to offer the Members
Spark sleep solutions logo

Spark sleep Solutions

Health Fairs: 0
Raffle: Free consultation/ oral health products
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Intero Chiropractic

Health Fairs: 0
Raffle: Your raffle prize
Interactive: We have state of the art technology that we utilize in our office to get an exact assessment of any nerve irritation going on in the spine. When we go to the health fairs for companies, we bring out our technology to scan people. We are able to at least check out people’s necks to see if they have any concerns.
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Way of wellness Acupuncture & cupping

Health Fairs: 0
Raffle: One complimentary consultation
Interactive: Can check tongue and pulse and make lifestyle - food - acupressure suggestions

National Allergy Center

Health Fairs: 1
Raffle: Gift card
Interactive: We will have food allergy action plans for kids and adults.

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