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Amaya dental booth photos

Amaya Dental

Health Fairs: 2
Raffle: Waterpik
Interactive: We will have a typodont to show proper brushing and oral health instructions

SOMI Dental Group

Health Fairs: 1
Raffle: $100 Gift Card to our office and Free Dental Exam
Interactive: Invisalign Scan done on-site

Miami Vein Center

Health Fairs: 0
Raffle: We will bring a 30 dollar gift card
Interactive: Our medical center will provide insight, experience and knowledge for people who are interested in having our staff educating the employees about vein health and vein insufficiency ( pain, skin color changes, swelling, and heaviness of the legs) causes and treatments. We will provide educational material (brochures ) a complementary free screening for the employees as a courtesy of our clinic; there will also be coupons codes available for new patients. Ultimate we are trying to raise awareness of this silent affliction that affect millions of people around the world. otherwise most people will live with this most of their lives until it is too late and surgery might be required. prevention is always the way to stay ahead of it.
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The Spatini Store

Health Fairs: 0
Raffle: We bring a gift bagged trio of aromatherapy blends ($35 value)
Interactive: DIY aromatherapy classes and projects
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Glades Medical Centers

Health Fairs: 0
Raffle: We bring $25 gift card and/or gift baskets
Interactive: We take blood pressure test and glucose testing
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| Community Connections for Life

Health Fairs: 0
Raffle: Your raffle prize
Interactive: Targeted Case Management
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Glad Health & Fitness, Inc.

Health Fairs: 1
Raffle: Weight Loss Book
Interactive: BMI Testing
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Livewell 1440 Corporate Wellness Services

Health Fairs: 1
Raffle: $50 Membership to
Interactive: Blender Bike with smoothies and Free 10 minute stretches
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Florida Complete Wellness

Health Fairs: 1
Raffle: Free one-hour massage
Interactive: A complimentary 10-min massage for headache or neck tension alleviation
Intergrative hospital associates

Integrative Hospital Associates

Health Fairs: 1
Raffle: Free B-12 Injection Package
Interactive: Health and Stress Screeings

Brickell family Chiropractic

Health Fairs: 2
Raffle: Free 30 minute massage
Interactive: We will be doing nerve scan and posture assessment
Jennifer grace booth photo

Core Contour

Health Fairs: 1
Raffle: N/A

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