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Clearview Family Chiropractic

Health Fairs: 2
Raffle: 1 raffle prize of FREE Exam, Consultation and X-Rays (if needed) Gift Certificate
Interactive: We do a FREE scan of the spine that detects any pressure being placed on the nervous system as a result of a misalignment present within the bony structures of the spinal column.

Ballas Chiropractic

Health Fairs: 2
Raffle: Free 1 Hour Massage
Interactive: We offer a spinal screening and chair massage for employees.

Young Living

Health Fairs: 1
Raffle: A gift bag of Young Living oily products
Interactive: Employees will get the opportunity to experience the oils and take home a sample
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Liberty Mutual

Health Fairs: 13
Raffle: Your raffle prize
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Community Eye Care

Health Fairs: 4
Raffle: CEC Gift Bag with Gift Card
Interactive: A video and a photo booth

Zaytoun Health and Wellness

Health Fairs: 9
Raffle: Large gift basket ($50 gift card, Diet Journal, Cooking Utensils, and lots of extras).
Interactive: I bring live examples of REAL food, snacks, recipes, and movement options.
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Dynamic Health and Pain Management

Health Fairs: 8
Raffle: Health gift basket, pedometer, bio-freeze, swag, and much more
Interactive: People come to us who are experiencing pain, want to reverse their type II diabetes or want to lose weight. We answer their questions and let them know about the latest technology and treatments available to help them re-gain health.
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Omni Wellness Center

Health Fairs: 12
Raffle: T-Shirt and Water Bottle
Interactive: Free Spinal Screenings
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Chiropractic Fitness

Health Fairs: 9
Raffle: Free exam and X-ray at office
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Profile by Sanford

Health Fairs: 8
Raffle: Profile Precise (DNA test - seeing how your body burns carbohydrates)
Interactive: We will provided samples of food, interaction with health coaches, and body analysis.
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Allergy Asthma Immunology Relief

Health Fairs: 7
Raffle: Target Gift Card
Interactive: Asthma Screening

Wells Fargo At Work (MW)

Health Fairs: 8
Raffle: Wells Fargo items
Interactive: Financial education seminars and tools

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