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Premium Membership

Premium Membership

FAQ on HFC's Vendor Charter Membership

Posted on Monday September 11 2017

What is it?

HFC's Charter Membership is limited time offer that gives you unlimited features including premium ads, follow-up messages, 2nd-chance messages, etc. and also eliminates paying for each individual health fair when using premium ads. As we've said before, it's just the tip of the iceberg.

Why did HFC do it?

As a way to say THANK YOU to you and our vendor base for helping us grow from 60-6500 vendors and give a price break to those who utilize HFC's premium features! HFC is also offering this membership in order to promote its loyal vendors and increase their chances of connecting with employer groups (aka corporations and large organizations). It's a way for HFC to show who its early adopters are in the years to come.

What's Included?

Literally everything (list directly below). We didn't hold back! Unlimited everything for $39 per month or less if you go with the yearly option ($349). Check out the benefits and features of the membership:


  • Helps you find more health fairs
  • Helps you get accepted into more health fairs on and off HFC's platform at a quicker rate
  • Helps you communicate with health fair organizers and HR managers
  • Helps you convert more employees per health fair engagement


  • Advanced Directory Filters (Location, Date, Employee #, Hours, & more) [new]
  • Survey Results on Past Health Fairs [new]  
  • Unlimited Premium Ads Notifications
  • Invite Button on Directory Listing & Profile [new]
  • Directory Listing Enhancement (Includes Ranking Boost) [new]
  • 1-Click Ad Listing Submission (Apply in 1 Click) [new]
  • Text Message Ad Submission (Apply by texting “Yes”) [new, coming 10/15]
  • Team Collaboration [new, coming 12/1]    
  • 1-Page Corporate Wellness Website [new]            
  • Ratings and Reviews Management
  • Messaging (Open Channel of Communication Before Health Fairs)
  • Follow-up Messages & Emails (Communication Channel After Health Fairs)
  • Ratings-and-Reviews-Request Message & Emails
  • Reconsider-Me Emails (aka Second Chance Email)
  • Workshop & Screening Communication Enhancements [new]
  • Helps exhibitors gain & convert more employees & leads per fair.
  • Featured Downloadable Deals  [new]
  • Workshop & Screening Communication Enhancements [new]

Breakdown of Solutions with Prices and Features >>

    If we had to assign a monthly value to all these benefits and features, it would be well over $200 per month depending on your usage of the features and the area you're in.

    What is the price?

    Again, it's $39 per month, if you go with the monthly option. It's $349 per year if you go with the yearly option, (which makes it $29 per month and allows you to get 3 months free or save $119). There's no contract and you can cancel anytime. We made sure the price was beyond the no-brainer zone...

    Will It Ever Be Offered Again?

    No, unfortunately not! This is an exclusive, one-time deal.

    What Else Am I Missing?

    HFC is expected to list over 1500 next year alone and triple its vendor base, from 6,000 to 18,000 exhibitors within the next two years. You have to determine if you'd like to get a significant price break, stay at the top of HFC's vendor base of health and wellness professionals and be recognized as an early adopter in the years to come.

    Do I still have to pay per health fair?


    The monthly rate of $39 covers everything!

    We made sure the price was in the no-brainer zone. The price will go up significantly after October 2nd (possibly as high as $89 per month) for the same premium access, features, and solutions without the membership itself. So, the $39 per month rate is for a limited time only, but if you lock in, that price point is good for 3 years.

    And, just so you know, we've now made it easier than ever to apply for health fairs with HFC's 1-Click Ad Submission, which comes with the membership. 1 click and you're on the interested list!

    What's the 3 Years About?

    You may have been confused as to what the 3 years was about in some of our initial communication pieces. The 3 years meant the price of the membership wouldn't go up for 3 years. So, if you locked in at $39 per month or $349 per year, we wouldn't increase the price on your after a few months, like other tech companies. We thought 3 years was radical, so we went with it.

    Does the annual fee have a lock-in rate for 3 years like the monthly plan does? Are the programs the same or different in some ways?

    Yes, that's correct - you get to lock in for 3 years with either option.

    Not too much difference between the two. With the yearly, you get to save $119 + you get the guide (coming 11/1) and the website setup if you'd like. It's $349 for the yearly rate. Visit the Billing tab inside your dashboard and you'll see the monthly and yearly options:

    Select which best suits you and your organization.

    So, we got the email for the Charter Membership. I clicked on the annual membership for $349 and nothing seemed to happen. Did it work?

    Yes, it worked.

    If you see the charter membership section with the badge and two options disappear, you’re good!! In between the update credit card button and your invoices, you’ll see a statement that reads - “You are an HFC Charter Member!”. You'll also see your cap count for 14 free ads disappear.

    Without me having to read too much into it - are those fees monthly or is that a one-time per year.  Are there any features that guarantee me more health fairs?

    All 4 packages or solutions that come with the charter membership are bundled for $39 per month with no price increase for 3 years and no upsells or upcharges for anything else. No features guarantee you get accepted for each health fair, but your chances of selection should greatly increase per health fair with the charter membership.

    Is this something I can sign up for and if I do not see an increase in health fairs, can I drop with no penalty?

    Yes. There's not going to be a penalty.

    However, you'll lose the charter badge in several places on your HFC presence. More importantly, if you drop your membership, you'll go back to paying more the old way and drop lower in the directory and list per health fair - so why would you?

    With the Charter Membership, you're going to save money + increase your chances of getting selected for health fairs. Outside of the $39 per month, you'll see no additional charges.

    So it’s 39/month and if you get selected by the host then there is no fee for the actual health fair?  

    Correct!  No more fees per health fair. $39 per month, that's it - no other charges.

    How Long is The Membership Good For?

    For as long as you don't cancel. If you're still a charter member 5 years from now, you'll still be recognized as one of HFC's Charter Members!

    It looks like I'm a Chartered Member now, but didn't give me any information as to what day I'm billed, etc. Can you provide me more info?

    You’ll be billed the day of the month in which you first locked into your charter membership. So, if you paid your first month on the 11th, then on the 11th for the next month, count on the $39 to be withdrawn from your account. The same goes for the 11th for each month from then on. If you locked in on the 12th, then it will be the 12th for every month from here out and so on.

    What happens if I cancel?

    You lose your Charter Membership Badge in 3 areas of the site: your website, directory listing, and ad listing. If you cancel and would like to purchase all the premium features you had with the membership after the period is over, you could pay possibly $50 or more per month. This is why it's such a no-brainer to hop on and lock into the membership before it expires on October 2nd.

    Again, there are no contracts or fees. There will be no charges or bill if you cancel.

    Does it Guarantee Me Health Fairs?

    Not quite, but it greatly increases your chances of selection for those health fairs.

    What's the Alternative?

    For those who use HFC's premium features and options, continue to pay higher amounts and spend more over the course of the year. After October 2nd, another alternative is HFC's subscription packages (aka solutions). If you go this route once the membership period is over, you'll pay anywhere from $19-89 per month, depending on which package(s) you select.

    There's only been one health fair that looked near our market, and we got denied for participating. How can this annual fee benefit me with these numbers?

    For the $39 per month, you get stand-alone value, like HFC's 1-Page SEO'd Corporate Wellness Website:

    With the website, you can add your health fair presence and offerings (i.e. lunch’n' learns), then share it with companies around you, say via LinkedIn - where HR managers (which are the health fair organizers) reside with hopes of establishing relationships with those companies. The website also is a valuable extension of your brand and will be picked up by the search engines. With the $39, you also get placed near the top of health fair directory in the search results in your area for health fair vendors, which we will be driving HR managers to in the upcoming months.

    For every new health fair that's released in your area, you can apply with one click and have a better chance of getting accepted with HFC's premium ads and communication features.

    There's a lot of value...

    Last thing I'll leave you with: HFC has plans to grow your market, year over year. By being a Chartered Member, you can forever stay ahead of the pack and stand out in your area. Imagine if you could have got on Yelp as a Chartered Member and always appeared higher in the search results. HFC is at the infancy stage in its life as a company, with 1200 health fairs and a vendor base of over 6400 - and we're not stopping there.

    Do you want to be an early adopter of HFC and be on of the first in your area? That's a question you'll have to answer.

    I know about SEO, but never have really done meta tags. Is there a site or resource that you would recommend for the SEO portion?

    Your meta description is just how you want the search engines to index your webpage. You can almost think about it as the "about us" on your HFC web page for search engines.

    From Google and Yoast:

    "The meta description is a ~160 character snippet, a tag in HTML, that summarizes a page's content. Search engines show the meta description in search results mostly when the searched for phrase is contained in the description. Optimizing the meta description is a very important aspect of on-page SEO.Mar 22, 2017"

    Here's a link to read more from Yoast:

    Where can I read more on HFC’s Charter Membership?

    Here’s the link:

    Where do I go to subscribe to be an HFC Charter Member?

    Here’s the direct link (you have to be logged in):

    What Happens After the Membership Period is Over?

    HFC will split apart the membership into 4 solutions, which you can subscribe to individually, mix and match, or subscribe to all 4 on a monthly or yearly basis. The Solutions are as follows:

    1. Access and Discover: Helps you find more health fair and grants basic access to the platform
    2. Acquire: Helps you get accepted into more health fairs on and outside HFC at a quicker rate.
    3. Communicate: Helps you communicate with HR managers and health fair organizers
    4. Covert: Helps you convert more employees per health fairs

    Which Vendors are Chartered Members and How Do I Locate the List?

    Vist HFC's Vendor Directory


    We will keep adding to this post today, then add pictures and more details for each question! Thanks for reading.

    Team HFC

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    Kyle Pickett


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