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Better Turnout for Biometric Screenings (Biometrics + Health Fair = Better Turnout For Both)

Posted on Saturday November 12 2016

With The Case Study to Prove it...Hr managers, benefits professionals, health fair planners, biometric screeners and anyone else reading this post - I think we can all agree that preventive healthcare is the best healthcare. Am I right or am I right?Now, if you're in HR/wellness and plan health fairs for your employees, or if you're a benefits broker (or 3rd-party health fair planner) assisting your groups/clients with their health fairs, then you most likely know what I'm referring to when I say "biometrics."For those of you that do not know what I'm referring to, below are some of the bio...

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Down. Set. Health Fair! Tips and Insight on Health Fair Themes

Posted on Saturday November 12 2016

What We've Seen...Before HFC became a tech company for HR and benefits pros, our team planned and attended hundreds and hundreds of health/wellness fairs, nationwide - no exaggeration here.We would come on site, set up the event, and assist the HR/benefits team throughout their health/wellness fair. We have seen big, small, no space, tons of space, white collar, blue collar, indoor, outdoor - you get my point.And at a typical health/wellness fair, having 30-35% of the onsite employee population attend the event would be considered the average.However, some health/wellness fairs would double...

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