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Five Key Benefits (you may never have thought of) from Planning an Employee Health Fair
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Picking The Right Time Frame For Your Health Fair

Posted on Monday January 30 2017

HR and benefits professionals - this post is to help you when determining the time duration of your employee health fair.You don't want a health fair that is too short - where you have employees showing up as vendors are leaving. And you don't want a health fair that's too long - where vendors are standing around twiddling their thumbs or packing up and leaving early. Neither one of these outcomes is ideal.Most of the health fairs I have attended are too long, and by the end of the event, they end up looking like this:The main thing to keep in mind when deciding a health fair duration is th...

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Two Health Fairs a Year Better Than One?

Posted on Thursday January 26 2017

Some of you might be thinking there is no reason to have two health fairs in the same year.And for some of you, that might be correct - but that all depends on what you want to accomplish with your events.Below are a few reasons/examples as to why it might be more beneficial to have two health fairs a year at your office/worksite location:One For Benefits, One For WellnessYou might want to consider having a health/wellness fair (chiro, dentist, vision, and other vendors alike) and then having a benefits fair (your insurance carriers, EAP's, (401)k and vendors alike).This is going to give yo...

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Spotlight: Jill Ferris' (of HUB International) Experience Using HFC

Posted on Monday January 23 2017

Jill Ferris is the Wellness & Training Specialist at RPG Solutions (a division of HUB International) in Raleigh NC. She has 15+ years experience in the benefits arena assisting groups with numerous wellness initiatives. And quite frequently, that involved planning a health fair.Before finding HFC, Jill had experience planning health fairs on her own or using your typical third-party health fair planning vendor.We would now consider Jill a power user of HFC, (listing over ten health fairs on the system) and that's a big reason I wanted to chat with her about her experience using the plat...

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You Have No Space To Host A Health Fair? ...Think Again

Posted on Thursday January 5 2017

How to Find And Maximize Space (You Thought You Didn't Have) to Host a Health Fair at Your Office/Worksite LocationAs I mentioned in a previous post, I have been to hundreds of health fairs. I've seen little, big, wide, long, not enough room, too much room, corporate, manufacturing, indoor, outdoor, started as early as 6 am, ended as late as 8 get the picture.Not only did we attend, but the team and I would also set up the health fair venue with the necessary amount of tables and chairs needed to accommodate all attending vendors.I have a lot of experience "creating" a health fair ...

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How To Avoid An Empty Health Fair

Posted on Thursday December 22 2016

HR and benefits professionals - If you're going to take the time to plan a health/wellness fair, the last thing you want is for none of your employees show up!It's a helpless feeling that leaves you scratching your head and wondering why/how the heck did this happen. As you break down your empty health fair early, apologizing to vendors as they leave, you'll probably be racking your brain..."What could I have done better? How did I let this happen?"But hey, don't beat yourself up. I'm here to help.And although it doesn't seem like it yet, this post is written to help you avoid/prevent an em...

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Warning Signs Your Health Fair Is Too Long

Posted on Monday December 19 2016

And How to Prevent Future Health Fairs From SufferingLet me start by saying, this might not apply to some of you HR and benefits pros, as you might have a great, two-hour health/wellness fair that's highly attended and vendors knock down your door year after year to be a part of your event.However, not everyone has that same experience.But on the bright side, it might a simple problem you can easily fix.All you might need to do to have a successful health/wellness fair is decrease the duration of your event.Don't end up with your health/wellness fair looking like this...Now, I know what som...

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Five Key Benefits (you may never have thought of) from Planning an Employee Health Fair

Posted on Thursday December 8 2016

HR and benefits professionals - 2018 is in full swing and you're most likely in the middle of implementing your wellness initiatives for your employees because it’s your chance to stand out, show your employees you care, and to create a more healthy culture in your workplace.  Agree?As you look over your plan (or if you're just starting one), a health & wellness fair for your employees is most likely somewhere on the list, or at least we hope so. And feel free to check out this planning step-by-step guide by clicking here. Now, you might be thinking..."Ugh! I would like to have a health...

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Ideas and Activities Overview

Posted on Saturday November 12 2016

Hi there :-)Here are a few health fair ideas and activities you should consider for your employee health fair, benefit fair, or wellness fair:Have a themeHave unique health fair vendorsHave biometrics alongside the fairHave flu shots alongside the fairHave open enrollment alongside the fairBring attractions (not your typical vendors) that cater to your employeesProvide foodHave workshopsHFC breaks down each health fair idea in its blog, so feel free to explore :) -- 

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Wellness Workshops Alongside the Health Fair

Posted on Saturday November 12 2016

Wellness workshops are normally held on a different day than the health fair, although we have seen some organizations use wellness workshops to their advantage on the day of their health fair. Some organizations take advantage of the time they’re allowed for the health fair and schedule workshops throughout the health fair, especially if the health fair is 3-4 hours around the lunch hour and the employees are demanding an activity. We’ve seen cooking, financial, fitness (i.e. yoga), and other workshops in rooms nearby the health fair.

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Open Enrollment Time??? Knock it Out at Your Health Fair

Posted on Saturday November 12 2016

We have been in the business of planning health fairs for quite some time now (I personally have planned and attended hundreds and hundreds of employee health fairs).From experience, I have come to realize that the main time of year HR managers plan their health fair is during or close to open enrollment time.The months of September, October, and November are ALWAYS slammed with health fairs. In October of 2016, HFC had 65+ health fairs listed on our platform (and we expect that number to be 3x in October of 2017). That's just October...Here's a great post from Zane benefits breaking down O...

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