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Laura from Liberty Mutual's Story... ZERO to 10 Events in Seven Months.

Posted on Friday January 24 2020

90.9% Event Acceptance Rate. 

Laura from Liberty Mutual went from zero to ten corporate events in seven months. You can too!

Laura has attended 28 corporate events since joining last March and her results will compound over time.

Check out Laura's HFC Profile.

Laura is also on the first page of ATL's Exhibitor Directory - which means Liberty Mutual will keep getting selected for events.

Last March Laura was on the fence about that membership and looking back, she's glad she made the upgrade.

Laura's Story

As you guys are well aware, corporations/employers want the latest, trendy health and wellness exhibitors. Life insurance exhibitors like Liberty Mutual take a back seat to exhibitors like Title Boxing, Camp Gladiator, Produce Box, Juice Plus, doTERRA, yoga studios, and similar exhibitors.

For this reason - Laura was skeptical at first like you about purchasing a premium membership and again, as you can see, it over-delivered.

I’m here to tell you that you can have results such as Laura on HFC with little effort up front.

Rightfully so, Laura was worried about the fact that paying money up front doesn’t guarantee her booth spaces in health fairs (which HFC now does, by the way :>)). I assured her that HFC’s Premium Membership (aka the unlimited health fair package) and a strong event application would get her into a majority of the health fairs she’s applied to.

After some time, this has proven to be correct. And, I’m here to tell you that if you make a small commitment that Laura has, this will happen to you.

If you purchase HFC’s Premium Membership - an HFC admin will make sure your account is polished so that you are visible to employer groups.

The premium membership includes unlimited health fairs (premium applications and registrations), an open channel of communication with corporations, top exposure across HFC (includes directory invites), and everything HFC has to offer (all premium features) for 12 months. There are no fees or charges outside the one-time price, not for registrations, or anything. One price covers everything for 12 months and streamlines your experience on HFC.

Get into events and establish relationships with local corporations.

The upgrade is for you.

Here's the direct link to where you can login and check out the different premium packages: HFC's Subscription Page

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