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Exhibitor Virtual Event FAQs

Posted on Saturday September 26 2020

What does HFC’s Virtual Event Solution consist of?

HFC’s Virtual Event Solution is a minimal viable product (MVP), meaning it’s a product with all the essential components to satisfy users’ basic demands and provides the essentials around the desired core functionality (online virtual events in this case). HFC’s virtual event solution is not the end all be all solution, but rather a minimalist version to expand upon based on solid and sound user feedback. According to the experts, this is the optimal way to build technology. HFC plans to add new functionality in a quick and iterative approach as feedback is received. If you think something is missing or needs to approve upon, please let us know via email or live chat.

HFC’s Virtual Event Solution is on a stand-alone app outside of the live or onsite event platform that you were accustomed to using prior; however, you access the virtual solution through HFC's the old event app or platform (more on this below). HFC’s Virtual Event Solution uses Linkello as the video client interface.

How does HFC's Virtual Event Solution work for exhibitors?

As an exhibitor, in order to get to the virtual event app, you must first log into your HFC dashboard Once inside your dashboard, you’ll see a blue button at the top that says “Visit Virtual Health Fair App”.

Click that blue button to be taken over to the virtual app.

When you log into the virtual app, you’ll see that it is your dashboard with the headlines stating your company name from the other site.

Once inside your virtual event dashboard, there are a few things you need to do next.

You’ll see that you’ll need to set a service category and an office location - which doesn’t transfer over from the onsite event app as of yet.

Once you set those, you’ll be able to browse and apply to events :)

And manage them as well once they start stacking up...

Will there be a lot of events?

Yes, but not when you log in today or most likely within the next few days; however, that will change quickly.

Since mid-March, HFC has received tons of outreach from large insurance carriers and benefit brokers who are channel partners who have supplied lots of events on the live event platform which you have used previously to the virtual event app. The employer campaigns will go out on Tuesday, September 28th - followed by several more campaigns over the course of the following two weeks which will seed the supply of events (or will be the spark that brings all the events on). You should see events listed as early as this week, and building strength from the 28th out.

Hold tight and expect many surprises :)

What makes HFC’s Virtual Event Solution different from the rest?

With other virtual solutions, you’ll be interrupted by employees and when those employees leave the convo and are essentially missed, you won’t be able to find them from that point forward.

After speaking with exhibitors who have used the other virtual solutions - this was one of their biggest pain points. HFC took this feedback to heart from the start of developing its virtual solution and has eliminated the chance of being interrupted or missing out on potential leads.

With HFC’s virtual event solution, you’ll be able to have intimate conversations with employees without being interrupted. You’ll have a waitlist of employees and when one is ready to speak, you can join with them.

(P.S. This is the employee waitlist, but hopefully, it helps paint the picture of what you'll be seeing).

With the waitlist, you’ll be able to see who would like to speak with you. If you miss them because you’re talking to another employee, we give you the names of those employees to follow up with. You’ll also be able to access them at a later date, after the event as a past event, to see who you missed.

What virtual client does HFC use for video conferencing?

HFC is currently using Linkello as the virtual client, meaning Linkello is what you’ll be using to interface with employees at the employer groups (companies).

Linkello doesn’t require user accounts or software to be installed, so it makes it seamless, unlike other virtual clients like GoToMeeting, Zoom, WebEX, and others where you could experience difficulty downloading while figuring out how to use it during the time of your meeting; this type of experiences cause much frustration and are unnecessary.

This will give you a sense of what it looks like (yes, I have my camera covered with an orange sticker and we will be updating images at a later point in time).

How much does HFC’s Virtual Solution cost?

It doesn’t cost anything to use Linkello. It does however cost to use HFC’s Virtual Event Solution. You must be a premium member in order to access and participate in virtual events on HFC.

So, make sure your premium membership is active or purchase one through your dashboard. Here's the link once you're logged in:

Premium membership guarantee events -AND- are inexpensive. Speaking to the inexpensive aspect - think of it this way, the total price of your membership is equal to or less than what it used to cost you for ONE booth at an event. HFC’s premium membership covers unlimited events for 12 months or longer, depending on if the guaranteed event number is met. Event guarantees vary based upon the type of premium membership you may have (premium, premium plus, enhanced exclusivity, or team plan). Even the bare-bones basic premium membership is something to make a lot over and write home about.

Is it worth it?

It all depends on what intimate, one on one conversations with people who are employed with good health insurance at employers near you is worth it to you! To us, it’s the best it can get and places you far down in the customer acquisition funnel. Think about it. Google advertising, Yelp, and other marketing vehicles don’t place you in front of someone. HFC’s live and virtual events do!

When are live, onsite events at employers coming back?

Technically, live events could come back now IF employers and vendors would abide by and be willing to follow safe event criteria, to the likes of which comes as EventBrite has put in place. HFC has refrained from pushing live events up until this point due to focusing on its virtual event solution.

We’re thinking live events will be back in May of 2021, after there is a vaccine for COVID-19 and moving into summertime. With that said, HFC could push for live events much before this time period.

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