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How will your area will look 18-months from now?

Posted on Sunday November 3 2019

No health fairs in your area? Don't see any vendors or exhibitors?

Even more of a reason why you should get on with HFC.

This is your chance to develop a stronghold with employers for your area that will compound in the years to come.

Here are a few examples of how your area will mature:

Atlanta, GA: Events | Exhibitors
Charlotte, NC: Events | Exhibitors
Raleigh, NC: Events | Exhibitors
Dallas, TX: Events | Exhibitors
Chicago, IL: Events | Exhibitors
Philadelphia, PA: Events | Exhibitors
Charleston, SC: Events | Exhibitors

All the cities listed above started out with zero events and zero exhibitors. HFC allocated resources to developing those areas and look at them now.

If you're reading this blog post, chances are HFC is devoted to growing your area in 2020.

If you're not considering an HFC Premium Membership, consider what happened to "X" Chiropractic...

On October 31st, 2019 - "X" Chiropractic reached back out to purchase a membership and secure the #10 spot on the first page of the Charlotte Exhibitor Directory (which now consists of 300 vendors).

 "X" Chiropractic had this opportunity 18 months ago, but now, no directory spots are available on the first three pages and four of their competitors are out in front, including one sitting in the #2 spot: That's Carolina Family Chiropractic. This could have been "X" Chiropractic.

"X" Chiropractic can still purchase an HFC Premium Membership which will give them unlimited events, features, etc. but they will be back several pages in the HFC Vendor Directory.

By getting out front in your area, you'll be able to gain a significant advantage and stronghold in the directory and prevent your competitors from being listed above you. Not to mention, you can lock in with a 2019 discounted price (prices will rise in 2020 as HFC increases the # of events and vendors in your city).

Don't be like "X" Chiropractic. Secure a top-directory spot for your area by purchasing an HFC Premium Membership today:

Here's the direct link:

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