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The HFC Virtual App (V1) for Planners

Posted on Tuesday September 29 2020

How-to Guide for Planning a Virtual Event on HFC

FAQs listed below the guide for additional information


1. Getting Started

Accessing the virtual app is quite simple. Create a free profile (or login here) on HFC’s platform, and once inside your dashboard, you’ll see a button to access the HFC Virtual App.

See screenshot below:

All of your virtual events will be scheduled and managed in the virtual app. They are separate from in-person events and will not be listed in your Upcoming tab.

If needed, click here to create a profile. 

2. Scheduling A Virtual Event

Scheduling a virtual event takes less than 5 minutes. There are only 3 steps that need to be completed:

  1. Update Company Info - at this time, company logos and/or any images uploaded on the platform do not transfer to the virtual app so a new image of your company logo or building location will need to be uploaded for your virtual event

  2. Add Office Locations - at least one city and zip code needs to be entered in order for exhibitors to view and apply for your health fair

  3. Schedule A Health Fair - this is where you enter date, time, employee #, etc.

See screenshot below:

If scheduling multiple health fairs, first list all locations in “Add Office Locations.” You’re then able to select which location you want to schedule a virtual event for.

3. Managing Your Virtual Event

Once your event is scheduled, you’ll see it listed in your Upcoming Events section with the following “Action” buttons:

  1. Approve Exhibitors - click here to view and approve (or deny) interested exhibitors for your health fair

  2. View Registered Exhibitors - click here to view all your registered exhibitors

  3. Edit Event - click here if you need to change any event information (ie. changing the date and time)

  4. Email Approved Exhibitors - click this button to bring up your mailing system and email all registered exhibitors at once or individually

  5. Close Registration (click this button if you have secured the amount of exhibitors you want for your event and do not wish to have any other exhibitors apply to attend

See screenshot below:

4. Securing Exhibitors For Your Virtual Event

Similar to planning an in-person health fair on HFC’s platform, you have control over the exhibitors selected for your virtual event. Click on “Approve Exhibitors” to view the exhibitors that have applied to attend.

See screenshot below:

The exhibitor applications do not provide as much detail as the applications for an in-person health fair planned on HFC’s platform.

However, we provide a link to their HFC profile where you can find additional information on the exhibitor prior to making your decision (ratings & reviews, rep names, locations, “about us” section, additional images, etc.).

5. Inviting Your Employees

Each virtual event page will have a link you can copy and email to all the employees you wish to grant access.

See screenshot below:

There will be a separate link for each virtual event you create. Therefore, you can invite your employees to the event specific for their location.

The link will become available 48 hours prior to your event date.

6. How Your Employees Access Your Virtual Event

Once they click the event link (see section above), they’ll be able to create a profile and access the exhibitors you selected for your virtual event.

See screenshot below:

The only information collected is their name and email address.

This information is collected for you and allows you to see which employees accepted your invitation and attended the event.

7. Employee-Exhibitor Interaction During The Virtual Event

Inside V1 of the HFC’s Virtual App, the sole feature is connecting employees face-to-face via a video-conferencing system by allowing employees to join an exhibitor waiting list.

This ensures employee conversations are not interrupted by other employees wanting to interact with the same exhibitor. More features (raffle prizes, live demos, perks, to name a few) will be added in the coming months when new updates are completed.

See screenshot below:

Once an employee starts adding exhibitors to their waiting list, they can see 3 sections: Exhibitor Status, My Status, and Action. The employees and exhibitors have 3 options to select from in order to manage their conversations:

  1. Busy

  2. Joining

  3. Completed

When an employee selects “Joining” to connect with an exhibitor, their status for all other exhibitors will change to “Busy.” Once the conversation is over, close your chat window and switch your status to “completed.” This will allow you to join other chats with other exhibitors on your waiting list.

See screenshot below:

You can see above that both the exhibitor and the employee are ready to join the call. The exhibitor and the employee must select “Joining” in order for the “Join Meeting” button to become available.

In the image above, you can see the employee has finished the call with “test exhibitor” and is ready to join the call with “test exhibitor #2.” The exhibitor is notified the employee is waiting to connect. Once the exhibitor changes their status to “Joining” as well, the row will turn green and the “Join Meeting” will become available.

Clicking the “Join Meeting” button will connect the exhibitor and employees via a live-chat system.

8. View Who Attended Your Virtual Event

Once your virtual event is complete, the event will be listed in your Past Events section. From the event page you can view which of your employees attended the event.

See screenshot below:

You can see that for this test event, one employee logged in and attended. Below the attendees list, you can also see the exhibitors you had in your virtual event.

We hope you enjoy using the HFC Virtual App!



Is it free to plan events with HFC’s virtual app?

Yes. Similar to planning a live event on HFC’s platform, the virtual app is completely free for HR and benefits teams to plan health and wellness fairs.

Can I list multiple virtual events?

Yes. You can list as many virtual events as you would like. The HFC Exhibitor Team will reach out to exhibitors based on the location specific for each event.

Can I invite team members and colleagues?

At this time, no. Collaborator functionality will come in later versions of the virtual app. As of now, only one HR or benefits rep can list virtual events per profile.

Do I get to pick the exhibitors I want to participate like I am able to on HFC’s platform?

Yes. Similar to a live event, exhibitors have to apply to attend your health fair and you get to select only the exhibitors you would like to attend. However, instead of having an extensive application, each exhibitor will have a link to their HFC platform profile where you can find information on the exhibitor prior to making a decision (ratings/reviews, company info, additional images, etc.).

Can I personally invite or add exhibitors to attend my virtual events at no cost to them?

No. Unlike live events on HFC’s platform, all exhibitors wanting to participate in a virtual event will have to pay a fee to be an HFC Premium Member. Only premium members can apply and attend virtual events. Some exceptions may apply for benefits and insurance carriers. Reach out to your HFC Rep if you're wanting to invite these types of exhibitors as they will have to create an HFC profile in order to be granted a free membership.

What are the features offered for my employees during a virtual event?

As mentioned above in the guide, the sole feature in V1 of the virtual app is connecting employees face-to-face via a live-chat system and allowing employees to join an exhibitor waiting list so that employee conversations are not interrupted by other employees wanting to interact with the same exhibitor. More features (raffle prizes, live demos, perks, to name a few) will be added in the coming months when new updates are completed.

Who is my point-of-contact if I need assistance?

You can reach out to Kyle at Kylepickett [@] healthfairconnections [dot] com for support from an HFC team member.

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Kyle Pickett


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