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Posted on Saturday December 1 2018

Corporate Health Fairs For LegalShield

LegalShield Specialist - corporate health & wellness fairs are taking place all across the US without you. Over 750 events have been listed on Health Fair Connections’ (HFC) platform in 2018. The sad fact is, many LegalShield Specialists aren’t aware of these opportunities and they’re missing out on meeting local, quality prospects, face-to-face.

As you probably know, corporate health fairs are venues that allow LegalShield (and other wellness professionals) to meet thousands of people over the course of a year’s time.

The reason for this blog post is to alert LegalShield Specialists that corporate health fairs are taking place in many metro areas across the US without a LegalShield vendor present. The markets listed below are ripe for LegalShield:

US Markets Without LegalShield

Here’s a list of available markets in which LegalShield Agents aren’t active in yet. Each city includes a link to the city’s events (including past events), along with the estimated number of events for 2019.

Washington DC: 40

Philadelphia: 40

Los Angeles: 40
Chicago: 40

Dallas-Fort Worth:

The Bay Area: 40

New York: 40

Cincinnati: 35

Charleston: 25
Boston: 25
Austin: 25
Winston Salem: 20

Phoenix: 25
Minneapolis: 12

St Louis: 10
Kansas City: 10

Baltimore: 10
Cleveland: 7-8

Richmond: 5
Grand Rapids: 5

Milwaukee:  5
Las Vegas:  5
Seattle:  5
Pittsburgh:  5
Columbia SC: 5
Nashville:  5
OKC:  5
Virginia Beach:  5-6
San Diego:  5
Greenville:  5
Memphis:  5
Denver:  5-6
Indianapolis:  5

Tuson:  5

If you see you or your fellow LegalShield’s city listed above, know that HFC is running a special from now until December 17th that allows LegalShield specialists to take advantage of all the corporate opportunities that will come about in 2019.

The next section covers how you and your fellow LegalShield specialist can get into corporate health fairs and take advantage of this significant opportunity.

HFC’s Membership Package

If you would like to meet thousands inside corporations in 2019, HFC has an unlimited health fair package and premium membership specifically for you and your fellow LegalShield specialist. It’s a fraction of the cost of what typical health fair exhibitors (ie. doctors) would pay for the same type of membership package.

The package I’m referring to is HFC’s Unlimited Event & Premium Membership Package. It will give you access inside corporations to meet solid prospects, throughout 2019, like Mark (seen above). Link to Mark's HFC Profile:

I’m sure you want to know more and before I give you all the details about the membership package, let me quickly explain how HFC works (so you know why the package is important).

How HFC Works:

To clarify, HFC is not your typical 3rd-party health fair planning company. HFC is a health fair platform that connects companies planning their health fair with exhibitors interested in participating in the event. HFC has listed close to 800 corporate events for 2018 and has grown its exhibitor base to over 10,500 exhibitors. Think of HFC as the Uber or Airbnb for health fairs. HFC connects health and wellness professionals (aka exhibitors) to corporations via health fairs.

HFC’s platform provides corporations the ability to list their health fairs online so that exhibitors within a 35-mile radius of the health fair are notified to apply.

Exhibitors receive event alerts via email to apply (or express interest) in health fairs. When exhibitors apply, health fair organizers are notified which exhibitors would like to be considered to attend and have a booth in the event (and regarding the word “apply,” don’t worry as you can apply with one click of the mouse - HFC makes that easy to get on the list). Once a decent amount of exhibitors apply for a particular event, health fair organizers select the exhibitors they would like to attend their event. HFC is not the decision-maker of vendor selections for any health fair listed on HFC. Make sense?

Exhibitors must be accepted by event organizers to attend corporate health fairs on HFC. Making sure your health fair application (or ad) is near perfect will be essential in getting accepted to attend events that are listed on the platform.

Why The Package is So Important

HFC’s Unlimited Health Fair Package and Premium Membership is an annual membership. It allows LegalShield specialist unlimited events (applications and registrations), an open channel of communication with local corporations, and over 10 premium features for 12 months from the point of purchase.

It’s not only a major cost-saver but it also guarantees success.

The avg. event acceptance rate over a years time with this package is 86%, so it works! This means, when you apply, you’ll get into nearly every event you apply too. If you don’t over a period of time, HFC will issue you a full refund.*

LegalShield Special >>

HFC has a special for LegalShield specialists from now until December 17th that will allow LegalShield specialist full coverage in 2019 for only $269 (discounted $80 over what others would pay, which is $349). The best thing yet - there are no fees or charges outside the membership package’s one-time payment - not for event registrations or any premium features. The $269 covers everything and it’s a steal.

It’s a fraction of the cost compared to if you signed up for a basic account and went the “pay per health fair” way without the unlimited package. Outside the package, it’s $39-178 per event and that can add up quickly. And, think about it this way - if you went with a traditional 3rd-party health fair company, a single health fair booth (most of the time) cost more than the $269 for the unlimited health fair package. Point being: the package is inexpensive and packs tremendous value. I felt like I had to tell you.

If you want to meet thousands and be the go-to LegalShield specialist for the corporations in your metro area for 2019, you need the package. The time is now, as you can get it at a significant discount if you purchase by December 17th.

How to Get the Package & Premium Membership

If you’d like HFC’s Unlimited Health Fair Package and Premium Membership to become the exclusive LegalShield for your metro area, please email me at kyle [at] healthfairconnections [dot] com - OR - email subject “Attn: Kyle - I’m interested in HFC’s LegalShield special”.

I’ll answer any questions you may have and when you’re ready to proceed, I will literally set everything up for you (including polishing your application and profile). I’ll make it easy for you to get off to a successful start in your area.


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*Refund terms: HFC will refund you if get accepted to less than 50% of the health fairs you apply to by August 15th, 2019; this is if you're applying to health fairs in a timely fashion (less than 7 days from release of events), using HFC’s direct-messaging feature, and using HFC’s second-chance feature (if ever denied to a health fair). Also, if there are less than 3 health fairs in your area by August 15th of 2019, HFC will also issue you a refund. The terms are in your favor!

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