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The sad story of X chiropractic...(and why you shouldn't pass up first-mover advantage)

Posted on Sunday November 3 2019

October 31st, 2019: "X" Chiropractic reached out to an HFC team member to purchase an HFC Premium Membership and secure a chiropractic spot in the HFC Vendor Directory for Charlotte, NC.

In fact, "X" Chiropractic wanted the #10 spot on the first page of the Charlotte Vendor Directory which is now over 15+ pages of listed vendors and is no longer available.

How did "X" Chiropractic let this happen? They passed on the HFC Premium Membership 18 months ago when all the top directory spots were still available, but now, ZERO directory spots are available on the first two pages and four of their fellow chiropractors are out in front, including one sitting in the #2 spot: That's Carolina Family Chiropractic. This could have been "X" Chiropractic.

"X" Chiropractic was left behind.

Don't you want to have maximum visibility for employers who are planning wellness fairs, workshops, lunch'n'learns, and spinal screenings?

Don't you want to have results like Gard Wellness, Raleigh Specific Chiropractic, Brittian Chiropractic, and others?

If yes, don't hesitate to purchase an HFC Premium Membership.

Here's the direct link to get started: 

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