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How HFC looks After Its Premium Members

Posted on Sunday November 3 2019

Two Quick Stories on How HFC Looks After Its Premium Members

Story #1:

Before Houston saw an increase in corporate events and before the HFC Vendor Directory was filled out with numerous vendors - Preeya from Liberty Mutual purchased an HFC Premium Membership to secure her top spot in the directory, but as the year went one, she saw zero events in 11 months. However, with HFC's event-guarantee, Preeya knew she just had to be patient and that those events would come. And as promised, HFC extended her membership with ZERO additional charges. Right after HFC extended her membership, the Houston market saw a spike in health fairs and Preeya attended 8 corporate events that year! Her "annual" renewal actually ended up being at the 18-month mark as we, HFC will make sure you receive the value you expect with an HFC Premium Membership.

And, because Preeya didn't hesitate, she still holds the #2 spot in Houston's Exhibitor Directory, which is now multiple pages. Meaning, her results are going to further compound as she'll continue to have maximum visibility instead of being buried 2-3 pages down in the HFC Vendor Directory.

Takeaway: when you purchase an HFC Premium Membership, we guarantee you get the value and results you expect, no matter how long it takes. But, this is why you should get on board now as this offer/guarantee doesn't last forever and is limited to a certain # of vendors per city.


Story #2:

Tyree Flemming from PNC was struggling to get into events in Chicago, IL. Why? He's a workplace-banking exhibitor and they aren't typically thought of as "health fair vendor." Instead of getting frustrated and no longer applying to health fairs, Tyree reached out to Kyle Wrightenberry at HFC for advice on how to increase his approval rate. Kyle not only gave him amazing advice but also helped him polish his profile to include photos of his new interactive offering (a putting green that he puts in front of his booth). Tyree went from 2 to 13 events just like that! I say again - thirteen corporate events!

Not only that, Tyree holds down the 5th spot in the HFC Chicago Exhibitor Directory. With his top spot and his new interactive offering, his results will continue to compound and see similar results to Wells Fargo in Charlotte, NC. Wells Fargo holds the #1 spot in HFC's Charlotte Exhibitor Directory.

Also, pricing was not an issue for Preeya and Tyree as they paid less for their HFC Premium Memberships (includes the unlimited health fair package) than other event planning companies charge for a single booth in an event.

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