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Corporate Wellness Trend for 2017: Focus on Total Well-being
Corporate Wellness Trend for 2018: Embrace Technology
Corporate Wellness Trend for 2017: Put More Emphasis on Sleep
21 Health Fair Planning Guides to Get You Started
Promoting Your Health Fair. Made Easy with HFC
5 Tips to Boost Employee Turnout at Your Health Fair
Why You Should Plan a Health Fair. From an Exhibitor's Perspective...
12 Wellness Blogs / Articles You Might Be Interested In
15 Health Fair Planning Articles To Get You Started
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19 Competitive Advantages for those who use HFC’s Platform to Plan & Organize Health Fairs
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ROI from Health Fairs. Tips from Steve Weiss from Home Care Marketing.
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HFC Health Fairs in US Cities

Posted on Tuesday November 27 2018

Health Fair Connections (HFC) has corporate health and wellness fairs all across the US. These health fairs are taking place inside corporations. These are quality events and are great venues to meet people who are employed and have health insurance.For those who are interested in an unlimited event package and premium membership for their metro area or city, please email Kyle Wrightenberry: kyle [at] healthfairconnections [dot] com. If you’re interested, more information is below the city event linksUS CitiesIncludes Links to City Event Pages with Estimated Number of Events for 2019.#1). A...

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Health Fair Connections (HFC) - Get to Know Us...

Posted on Sunday April 23 2017

If you recall from previous posts, you know that I and the Health Fair Connections' team started off has your typical, 3rd-party, service-based, health fair company.So, we have seen and planned hundreds of health fairs, wellness fairs, and benefits fairs, and we have taken a ton of pictures what we have been sharing through various social media avenues.This blog post is to make you all aware of all the different ways you can get keep up with Health Fair Connections and see our photos from health fairs, wellness fairs, and benefits fairs all over the nation!Not to mention, a lot of the capti...

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Archer western atl health fair   pic 12

Corporate Wellness Trend for 2017: Focus on Total Well-being

Posted on Tuesday April 18 2017

Not just Physical Health...If you're following the trend (no pun intended) from the last two posts, then you know this trend also comes from Adam Sass's article in regards to the top corporate wellness trends for 2017.As stated in the title and subtitle of this post, total well-being is more than just counting calories, and how many steps you walk or miles you run in a day.Fiscal and emotional/mental health can have a huge impact on your health and well-being. And some would say emotional health is far more costly than physical health for employer groups.“Emotional health accounts for $135 ...

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Corporate Wellness Trend for 2018: Embrace Technology

Posted on Thursday April 13 2017

This trend happens to be one of my favorites and has been quite relevant not only for 2018, but for the past couple years as well. Check out Adam Sass' article from 2017 - 6 Trends in Corporate Worksite Wellness For 2017 - and then this article from Aliah Wright for - Top 6 HR Technology Trends for 2018 - Health Fair Connections' (HFC) platform would be one of those new technologies that not only was relevant last year, but is still relevant for 2018. There are 3rd-party health fair planning companies all over the nation, in every major city - all pretty much the same, serviced bas...

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Corporate Wellness Trend for 2017: Put More Emphasis on Sleep

Posted on Wednesday April 12 2017

I'll start by saying this top wellness trend can be found in an article from Adam Sass at Media Planet USA. What I'll be doing is piggy-backing on his article and diving a little deeper on sleep issues and how you can inform and educate your employees on this topic. The CDC recommends 7-8 hours of sleep for adults. However, they report over 40 million Americans are getting less than 6 hours a day.Companies are starting to realize (if they haven't already) that sleep loss can have a huge impact on employee productivity. Not only is productivity negatively affected, but also can affect an emp...

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21 Health Fair Planning Guides to Get You Started

Posted on Thursday April 6 2017

HR managers, health fair planners, benefits pros, this post is exactly what the title says it is: A list with links to 21 health fair planning guides.I personally think quite a few of them are a tad over the top, and quite frankly, would scare me if I was trying to plan a health fair lol (HFC makes it so simple).None the less, if you're trying to have a theme and attractions and flyers, balloons etc., then these guides will be a great resource.So, here you go: Texas A&M AgriLife - Health -  https://www.mod...

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Promoting Your Health Fair. Made Easy with HFC

Posted on Wednesday April 5 2017

And How to Download Your Free Health Fair Flyer TemplateNobody wants to plan a health fair, have a room full of health fair vendors, only for a handful of their employees to attend.So, how do you avoid this situation?You properly promote your health fair internally to your employees.The last thing you want is to make that much harder next year because vendors don't want to come back (not to mention the bad word of mouth to other vendors who were not there).There's basically two steps to promoting your health fair to your employees: The 1st step is to create a health fair flyer, and the 2nd ...

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5 Tips to Boost Employee Turnout at Your Health Fair

Posted on Monday April 3 2017

If you're a health fair planner, health fair vendor, an HR manager who's planned health fairs at multiple companies, or a benefits professional who assists their multiple groups with their employee health fairs - then you know certain companies have a better employee turnout than others.Quite often, these poor employee turnouts can be avoided by taking the proper steps.There's nothing worse than taking the time to plan a health fair for your employees and then having none of them show up. You're standing there feeling hopeless, apologizing to vendors as they start to network, or even worse,...

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Why You Should Plan a Health Fair. From an Exhibitor's Perspective...

Posted on Monday March 6 2017

HR managers and benefits professionals - if you have not been able to tell from my previous posts, I am not writing with a perspective from the eyes and mind of a health fair vendor.All the health fair tips, ideas, reasoning, etc., coming from me are from the perspective of an HR manager, benefits, wellness coordinator. Basically, what I/HFC would consider the host.So, to give you the perspective and thoughts from an exhibitor who participates in health fairs, I thought I'd share a video posted by St. Vincent's Health System (Birmingham, AL) featuring Kimberly Rider - Wellness Services Supe...

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12 Wellness Blogs / Articles You Might Be Interested In

Posted on Wednesday March 1 2017

HR and benefits professionals - this help post is going to be short and sweet.However, the list below is a great resource of 12 wellness blogs/articles related not only to planning your employee health fair but implementing entire wellness plans:

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