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Available Markets for Isagenix

Posted on Tuesday August 13 2019

The reason for this blog post is to alert Isagenix International distributors that corporate health fairs are taking place in metro areas across the US without you. The markets listed below are available.

Markets Without Isagenix International Distributors:

Atlanta, GA

Charlotte, NC

Miami, FL

Chicago, IL

Philadelphia, PA

Boca Raton, FL

Washington, DC

San Jose, CA

Cincinnati, OH

Los Angeles, CA

New York City, NY

Charleston, SC

Houston, TX

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Boston, MA

Tampa, FL

Palm Beach, FL

Austin, TX

Orlando, FL

Detroit, MI

Kansas City, MO

Minneapolis, MN

St. Louis, MO

Jacksonville, FL

Milwaukee, W

Seattle, WA

Baltimore, MD

Columbia, SC

Fort Myers, FL

Indianapolis, IN

Pittsburgh, PA

San-Antonio, TX

Nashville, TN

Oklahoma City, OK

Sacramento, CA

Greenville, SC

Cleveland, OH

Columbus, OH

Denver, CO International Distributors:

To get the most out of the company event opportunities on Health Fair Connections (HFC), HFC has a special that will help increase the number of employer groups you are able to connect with.

Special for Isagenix International Distributors:

  • HFC’s Premium Membership ($170 OFF). The discount takes the annual premium membership rate down to $229 and that one price, once satisfied, will cover you fully for 12 months from point of purchase in addition to what’s below. There are no fees or charges outside it. The premium membership is also known as the unlimited events package, as it includes unlimited premium event applications and registrations.

  • Top Directory Placement. HFC will make sure you stand out in the exhibitor directory for your area by polishing your directory listing, in addition to your health fair application profile. The exhibitor directory is the first place event organizers navigate to invite vendors to their events. You’ll have a blue invite button on your upgraded listing and profile so employers can directly invite you to register for their events, allowing you to skip the application process (what you have to go through now for each event).

  • Guaranteed Events. HFC guarantees you five events before your annual membership renewal. If you haven’t attended five events after 12 months, HFC will extend your membership until you do (although, you’ll most likely get into many more events before 12 months).

The premium membership also includes a direct channel of communication with event organizers (direct messaging to be exact), the ability to add team members, one-click event applications, and all of HFC’s Premium Features. Again, as indicated above, the premium membership is an annual membership that lasts 12 months from point of purchase and fully covers all your activity on the platform (no fees or charges outside the annual rate). Here’s the generic link to the membership that doesn’t reflect the special  but is a resource where you can read more about the benefits, features, FAQs: 

If you're interested in taking advantage of the special ($229) and getting into more employer groups, let me know. It’s quite the bargain. I can answer any questions you may have, in addition to upgrading and polishing your account.

Here’s my contact info: kyle [at] health fair connections [one word] [dot com]. I have to parse it out like that so I don’t get spammed :).

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