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HFC Health Fairs in US Cities

Posted on Tuesday November 27 2018

Health Fair Connections (HFC) has corporate health and wellness fairs all across the US. These health fairs are taking place inside corporations.

These are quality events and are great venues to meet people who are employed and have health insurance.

For those who are interested in an unlimited event package and premium membership for their metro area or city, please email Kyle Wrightenberry: kyle [at] healthfairconnections [dot] com. If you’re interested, more information is below the city event links

US Cities

Includes Links to City Event Pages with Estimated Number of Events for 2019.

#1). Atlanta: 75

#2). Charlotte: 60

#3) Miami FL: 50

#4) Washington DC: 40

#5). Philadelphia: 40

#6). Los Angeles: 40
#7) Chicago: 40

#8). The Bay Area 40

#9) New York: 40

#10) Cincinnati: 35

#11) Charleston: 25
#12) Boston: 25
#13) Austin: 25
#14) Winston Salem: 20

#15). Tampa: 25

#16). Phoenix: 25
#17). Orlando: 25
#18). Houston: 25
#19) Boca Raton: 20

#20) Detroit: 15

#21) Minneapolis: 12

#22) Jacksonville FL: 10

#23) St Louis: 10
#24) Kansas City: 10

#25) Baltimore: 10
#26) Cleveland: 7-8

#27) Fort Myers: 7-8

#28) Richmond: 5-6
#29) Grand Rapids: 5-6

#30) Milwaukee:  5-6
#31) Las Vegas:  5-6
#32) Seattle:  5-6
#33) Pittsburgh:  5-6
#34) Columbia SC: 5-6
#35) Nashville:  5-6
#36) Oklahoma City:  5-6
#37) Virginia Beach:  5-6
#38) San Diego:  5-6
#39) Greenville:  5-6
#40) Memphis:  5-6
#41) Denver:  5-6
#42) Indianapolis:  5-6

#43) Tucson:  5-6


Like to Meet Thousands Inside Corporations?

HFC’s Unlimited Event & Premium Membership Package allows just this!

Health and Wellness Professionals -- stop paying and going through 3 application steps per health fair. HFC has put together an unlimited health fair package and premium membership that will streamline your experience and cover unlimited events (including registrations) and premium features for 12 months at a super low rate for those serious about participating in corporate events and getting in front of thousands.

HFC’s Unlimited Health Fair Package and Premium Membership is known as HFC’s Annual Plan. It gives you the ability to apply to events with one click of the mouse for every event you’re interested in. The annual plan has an 86% acceptance rate, so you’ll get into nearly every event you apply to :)

To be clear, with HFC’s Unlimited Health Fair Package and Premium Membership, you get unlimited events (premium pre-registrations and event applications), communication with corporations, and everything HFC has to offer (all premium features) for one small price that’s good for 12 months. There are no charges outside of the package’s annual price. ZERO. Again, one price covers 12 months of activity and events on HFC.

The package is only $299.

It’s a fraction of the cost if you went the “pay per health fair” or a la carte way ($79-178 per event).

Think about it this way - some time ago, a single health fair booth purchase, in some cases, was more than this. This package covers unlimited everything including events for 12 months.

If you’d like HFC’s Unlimited Health Fair Package and Premium Membership, please email Kyle Wrightenberry at HFC: kyle [at] healthfairconnections [dot] com.

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